Are There Not Enough PlayStation Vitas to go Around?

Kotaku - The signs were there for Sony. This year's Tokyo Game Show was shaping up to be the biggest ever, and it's new Vita handheld would be many peoples main attraction.

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gogospeedracer2404d ago

I'm sure there will be plenty! Can't wait!

badz1492403d ago

but that's normal and I'm talking strictly about Japan here. I hope I can get my local store to import it early.

Baliw2403d ago

With few units people have to wait more time.
That time in the waiting line is time that other developers don't get to show their stuff.

fluffydelusions2404d ago

I will wait for special bundles to be announced and competing stores to put out deals and decide where to preorder. I don't see why there wouldn't be enough.

Ju2403d ago

Quote: "How many [Vitas] were there? Eighty [80!]..."

Oh please, of course. It was Sony's launch event. Of course not every developer had one to show. And how is 80 (!) a small number.

Looks more like overwhelming demand to me.

Spin, spin, spin...kotakooooh

Shazz2403d ago

really cant wait for vita.

LackTrue4K2403d ago

god dam, they real know how to make a story out of something silly on

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The story is too old to be commented.