10 Games With Awesome Cover Mechanics

"As the shooter genre continues to oversaturate and swamp the market like an enjoyably soulless plague, we see the third person shooter getting just as much attention these days as its first person sibling. Aside from a minor camera difference, it is the use of environmental cover systems that often define third person action games. As such, it’s about time we had a run down of ten games that have influenced and created the best cover mechanics in the genre."

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gogospeedracer2557d ago

Especially with Gears 3, it is very refined. The Control system is amazingly silky!

GraySnake2557d ago

I would also say Deus Ex: HR had a fantastic cover system as well.

RedDead2557d ago

Rainbow 6 vegas' you mean

lastdual2557d ago

Yeah, but the Deus Ex:HR/R6:Vegas cover system is basically the same as the SC:Conviction cover system (not surprising considering it was the same team that made R6:Vegas), which is already on the list.

It would probably be redundant to include both Vegas and Conviction.

joab7772557d ago

Its funny that he missed deus ex. I think more fps games ahould implement this. It seems almost essential to a great campaign and adds depth to the gameplay

SageHonor2557d ago

Vanquish had a great cover system. T'was fun sliding into cover and then hurdling over in bullet time.

JellyJelly2557d ago

Good call. Just finished that amazing game. The controls in Vanquish are the closest thing you can come to a perfectly executed action TPS imo.

"sliding into cover *lighting a cigarette* and then hurdling over in bullet time." Fixed ;)

Ultr2557d ago

oh yes totally true! love every gameplay bit of Vanquish!