Amazon giving away $2 in App store credit

Amazon is giving away $2 in free credit to their Android App store. This is the perfect amount of credit to get Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and a host of other great apps. All it takes is twitter, an Amazon account and an Android device. Goozernation has the full details.

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fluffydelusions2559d ago

As a developer I don't really like the Amazon store. There is a lengthy approval process and there is no way to remove an app once uploaded afaik. Also, I guess whoever approves the app writes the description for it which I don't care for lol. BTW, if anyone wants to check out my Android apps just search the market using my username here and it should show them :)

Shackdaddy8362559d ago

Wow. It looks like you're making bank on that notes app...

kube002559d ago

I wonder when Apple is going to give out credit

lorianguy2559d ago

They already are. You just have to pay for it. :(

ElementX2559d ago

Last time I checked, Angry Birds was free

gamerben2559d ago

Hmm... costs $1 on iPhone and $5 on iPad

Don't see why it would be free on android devices...