gamrTV Weekly - PlayStation Vita's Huge Software Lineup

This week on gamrTV Weekly: DC Universe Online, Netflix, Internet Explorer, and the AIDS Virus are in the news. Reviews of Gears of War 3, NHL 12, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. VGChartz Editor-in-Chief Chris M. Arnone also dishes on the astounding launch window software list announced for the PlayStation Vita.

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Torillian2520d ago

Interesting story about that HIV enzyme. Wonder how large it is, because if all they did was give gamers a one or two thousand sequence of amino acids and ask "oh hey you guys try to figure out how this folds" that doesn't seem reasonable. Perhaps we already partially new how it folded but couldn't exactly figure it out.

Spectator12520d ago

Eek, I must've missed that Vita list.

MasterCornholio2520d ago

Yep only haters and Nintendo fanboys can deny that the Vita has a great lineup. There will be plenty of great games to play with the vita at release.

Very happy with what sony is doing with the Vita.

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