LucasArts is hiring...but for what?

LucasArts is looking for game-development talent to work on unannounced projects. Are you up for some speculation?

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RockYou2372d ago

sigh. If only it were for new point-and-click-adventure games.

Wenis2372d ago

Battlefront 3 should be their top priority actually

gogospeedracer2372d ago

I'd love to see LucasArts go back to its' roots! I love all of those old point and click games! The Dig. Full Throttle! All classic stuff!

Much better than their 'recent' games!

DeadlyFire2371d ago

Open world RPG = KOTOR tie in to TOR? or maybe KOTNR? Post Episode 6 era? :O

First person shooter = Dark Forces 3/Jedi Knight 3/Republic Commando 2 or dare I say Battlefront 3? Either way I am already eager to buy it.

aerial-combat title. hmm... X-Wing Vs. Tie related possibly yes, but which era of Star Wars? Will it be kiddy adventure or true to the Star Wars label? Could be different IP.

I hope these are Star Wars titles. Odds are at least one of the three are.

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Gungnir2372d ago

I'd really like an X-Wing/Tie Fighter with modern graphics and sound.

THR1LLHOUSE2372d ago

How about Naboo Fighter/Droid Fighter instead? Kids love those prequel movies.

It'd be totally wizard, Annie.

Perjoss2372d ago

Did Lucasarts make any of those pod racer games? because i remember one of those being very good. But yeah an X-Wing vs Tie Fighter sequel / update would be great. X-Wing Alliance was my personal favourite.

BlackIceJoe2372d ago

I hope the three games are KOTOR3, Dark Forces 3 & X-Wing or Tie Fighter.

smilydude132372d ago

Those three would be a dream come true. Although I would be worried about how they would turn out in this day and age.

choadley2372d ago

Could it be *gasp* a brand-new property?

Getowned2372d ago

BattleFront 3 or GTFO!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.