NCIS video game - first screenshots

Ubisoft released the first screenshots of the NCIS video game.

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zeal0us2433d ago

Graphically, I think Ubisoft could of done way better. Man I have seen PS2 games that look better than this.

Bathyj2432d ago

Hey, thats that guy out of Summer School.

The_Nameless_One2432d ago

As fan of the show I would be avoiding this at any cost.

Godmars2902432d ago

But as a fan they made it just for you!

Mind you, as someone else who watches the show, I'll also avoid this like the plague.

Lord_Sloth2432d ago

I watched the show for a few seasons until Gibbs seemed to be taking the spotlight from what originally felt like an ensemble cast. Everything tied into Gibbs and that bothered me.

Also, I miss Jenny.