The 5 Best-Reviewed Games You Might Not Have Heard Of

Ben Richardson writes:Assigning scores to video game reviews is always a contentious business. GameFront columnist Jim Sterling tackled this issue in the latest installment of /RANT, pushing back against the idea that Gears of War 3 “deserved” a 9 or 10 out of 10 score that it may or may not have earned.

There’s no doubt that reviewers have a creeping tendency to inflate the scores of influential, hotly anticipated games. It is also obvious that they tend to overuse the high end of the scale — giving a game a 6 these days is like signing a death warrant.

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Venox20082555d ago

No one lives forever = awesome game!

StifflerK2555d ago

The Longest Journey - I just finished it yesterday, great game!

andibandit2555d ago

We will never see the likes of Baldurs Gate again.

sonicsidewinder2555d ago

Great list of games here.

Freedom Force is quality. I'm in the midst of playing it now.

Relientk772555d ago

Ok u win I dont think I heard of any of these games

Freedom Force maybe? but idr

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