Cliffy B On the Differences Between The 360 and PC Versions of Gears of War

The mighty Epic recently released the PC version of Gears of War, one of Spong's favourite Xbox 360 games of last year. They collared the game's much-celebrated designer, Epic's Cliffy B, for twenty minutes recently in central London in one of the hottest rooms they have ever been forced to sit in and quizzed him all about the recently-released PC version.

So, what's new in the PC version? Is it a straight port or are there some new, exciting bits of content and a few more massive, gruesome alien creatures for gamers to viciously slay with big ol' filthy and futuristic guns?

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ShiftyLookingCow4022d ago

this is totally hilarious

"SPOnG: Gears 2, are you gonna call it Gears Of War 2 or what?

Cliffy B: I cannot confirm or deny those rumours! I do not know what you are talking about… (Laughs) Seriously though, I cannot understand why people even think we could even consider making a sequel to a game that’s sold over four million copies. That would be ludicrous. We would never do such a thing…"

Silver Bull3t4022d ago

Cliffy B: ...... We want there to be a reason for people to have the PC version. They have all this new exclusive content, they have the editor and they have all this cool stuff.

yeah, and at 10bux cheaper. wtf?

BloodySinner4022d ago

If only there was cross platform gaming, like Shadowrun. I'd love to go against PC players.

okcomputer4022d ago

It'd be totally unfair. The pc users would own. mouse+keyboard gives too much of an advantage. It'd be like nba players vs. the wheelchair league.

fermcr4021d ago

i agree with okcomputer... Console gamers would be owned.

PS360PCROCKS4022d ago

Somehow I feel extremely shafted. :( and wtf is this story sh!t?! Cut off a level and add the real storyline in and make the game make sense, if you expect to make a sequel, don't cut out the plot line. Gears is a pretty cool story now that I read that and it makes sense, cutting it was idiotic. Stupid DVD's.

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