Mass Effect movie to tell a completely new story

IncGamers: Focuses on a male version of Commander Shepard.

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Lord_Sloth2521d ago

Everybody always knocks Maleshep but in reality, I life his performance.

koehler832521d ago

It's going to be about a space wizard cult in a galaxy far far away, entrenched in a kind of civil war that has divided the entire galaxy. Like, a war.. in the stars.

TopDudeMan2521d ago

Wentworth Miller (prison break, resident evil) would be a good shepherd, I think. I could imagine him in the role, for some reason.

It'd be awesome if Seth Green was joker. Damn!

antz11042521d ago

I heard Matthew Fox was doing maleshep. Hell yes to that. Seth Green FTW!

TopDudeMan2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I could see that... Matthew fox could play the part, I guess.

@iamironman Nah. Not the rock. I think he's a good actor but he doesn't fit that role. He's a little too much of a bad ass.

iamironman2521d ago

the rock should play him.

antz11042521d ago

^ The rock would be more of a Marcus Fenix. I think he's a great actor but it'd be like when he was in thanks:(

iamironman2521d ago

@topdudeman maybe you're right. The rock is not the best choice.

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LarVanian2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I wonder how many characters will be made using complete CGI. Also does anyone else feel that Duncan Jones would be a perfect choice as the director? Both Moon and Source Code were amazing films.

strange19862521d ago

I haven't seen Source Code yet, but I absolutely loved Moon. Hell yeah he'd be awesome.

iamironman2521d ago

Moon is good. Didn't like source code much

Quagmire2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I dunno, I feel as though JJAbrams would be perfect, i mean his work with Star Trek was great, it almost felt like a live action Mass Effect film

And it definitely needs Mathew Fox as ComShep and Seth Green as Joker.

LarVanian2521d ago

JJ Abrams would be another superb choice. But I think he'll be too busy directing Star Trek 2 to make a Mass Effect movie.

just_looken2521d ago

Ok a movie? the series is ok but i always wonder why shepard is the only dam person in the entire galaxy that own's a fn space ship? this is going to be a lonley movie over 40 dam planets but only 1 spaceship.

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