Virtual Trading Card Game: It’s Not Just an Oxymoron

Electron Gun's Animator talks about the recent spate of TCGs and their increased integration with virtual content:

"Tapping, milling, cascade, artifact creatures and Planeswalkers. This may sound like nonsense but Magic: the Gathering is a known staple to the table-top gaming world. Considered the father of all trading card games, M:TG is a game that changes its rules every year, adds new spells every half a year, and even more cards every few months. Since its creation back in 1993, Magic has had 69 blocks of cards (70 by the end of September), with each block sporting anywhere from 90 to 420 additional cards. That’s a huge number of cards, but can this game’s ever-expanding library and rules translate into a video game? And what about the social aspect? Can a player have just as much fun beating an opponent through a screen as he or she experiences beating an opponent face to face?"

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