Uncharted is out now at EBGames and Gamestop

Just picked a copy at the store. A lot of us think that its coming out on the 19th. But its out. Go grab your copy!!!

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Real gamer 4 life3964d ago

I am going to get ma copy later today

MikeGdaGod3964d ago

got mine at 10:30AM this morning


TheExecutive3964d ago

I just got my copy, its out

Bill Gates3964d ago Show
solar3964d ago

ahh...the best invention on the internet...the ignore option. ::waves to bill gates::

i have my copy and im ready to get home, open a beer, and start gaming :)

Beren3964d ago

LOL at your reply haha really funny :P
Bubbles to make me laugh!!

PMR_213964d ago

seriously...check out his profile..he's ignored by 134 users lmao

solar3964d ago

@ Beren

thx buddy :D much appreciated

@ PMR_21

holy crap! someones not getting voted prom king

pilotpistolpete3964d ago

Anyone confirm ebgames canada? If so, I'm off in a heartbeat.

Polluted3964d ago

Lol. Sorry Pete, looks like a couple of people disagree with you. (?) I was kind of wondering the same thing though.

pilotpistolpete3964d ago

It seems Futureshop has some, at least in Ottawa. I'll go check that out tonight when I go out.

pukka_p3964d ago

am i to believe that canadian posts are inherently diasagreeable?

Perhaps this question too will be deemed disagreeable?

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The story is too old to be commented.