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Uncharted is out now at EBGames and Gamestop

Just picked a copy at the store. A lot of us think that its coming out on the 19th. But its out. Go grab your copy!!! (PS3)

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Real gamer 4 life  +   2790d ago
I am going to get ma copy later today
MikeGdaGod  +   2790d ago
got mine at 10:30AM this morning

TheExecutive  +   2790d ago
I just got my copy, its out
Bill Gates   2790d ago | Offensive
solar  +   2790d ago
ahh...the best invention on the internet...the ignore option. ::waves to bill gates::

i have my copy and im ready to get home, open a beer, and start gaming :)
Beren  +   2790d ago
LOL at your reply haha really funny :P
Bubbles to make me laugh!!
PMR_21  +   2790d ago
seriously...check out his profile..he's ignored by 134 users lmao
solar  +   2790d ago
@ Beren

thx buddy :D much appreciated

@ PMR_21

holy crap! someones not getting voted prom king
pilotpistolpete  +   2790d ago
Anyone confirm ebgames canada? If so, I'm off in a heartbeat.
Polluted  +   2790d ago
Lol. Sorry Pete, looks like a couple of people disagree with you. (?) I was kind of wondering the same thing though.
pilotpistolpete  +   2790d ago
It seems Futureshop has some, at least in Ottawa. I'll go check that out tonight when I go out.
pukka_p  +   2789d ago
what;s up?
am i to believe that canadian posts are inherently diasagreeable?

Perhaps this question too will be deemed disagreeable?
pukka_p  +   2789d ago
or maybe this one?
... who knows?
the worst  +   2790d ago
im %30 into the game
the game has metal 2 unlock
the game is sweet so far
ErcsYou  +   2790d ago
i got mine....
Did you get yours? EB games and Gamestop both had early release dates on their website for like the last 2 weeks.

Remember this... http://blog.us.playstation....

F#ckn LIARS....I cant trust anybody these days..
Maestro  +   2790d ago
I feel bad for Naughty Dog, because even if they did their best, this game is going to be a bomba.
FunAndGun  +   2790d ago
You are right, it is a bomb.......its a AAA Bomb. Amazing game so far. best graphics i have seen on a console.
ikkokucrisis  +   2790d ago
I don't really like Gamestop, so I'll be patient and wait for it to arrive at Best Buy or somewhere/anywhere else...
EZCheez  +   2790d ago
I feel bad for you
For feeling the need to even post on this story.
rofldings  +   2790d ago
I hate EBgames too, but I sucked it up and went in there to get my copy. The dude gave me a funny look when I brought up a PS3 game, I bet he was an xbot. Goddamn I hate EBgames/Gaystop.
gololo  +   2790d ago
dude...u r an xbot why are you trolling in the ps3 threads??? get out of here??? Jealousy??? Get a PS3....u won't regret it
FF7numba1  +   2790d ago
lalalala la bomba!!! its gonna be good
KidMakeshift  +   2790d ago
Gamefly sent it out to me
I should get it tomorrow morning
HeartlesskizZ  +   2790d ago
I got it also but not playing it until im throug with assassins
arika  +   2790d ago
i just got mine! woohooo!
it's time to prepare my weapons:
hdtv - checK
5 beers - check
lazyboy couch - check
tons of snack - check
pajamas - check
and a fresh copy of uncharted drakes - double check!!!!
now im lock and loaded... and ready to do some tomb raiding!
EZCheez  +   2790d ago
I've got the same plans but i'll be mixing some Canadian Mist. I'm hooked on that stuff. It's so cheap!

I played this game some before I headed off to work and it's amazing. I know some reviewers complained that the jumps and platforming were too easy, but I prefer it that way. I used to stop playing Tomb Raider sometimes when I would get stuck on crap like that. Also, it is making great use of my 46' Sharp Aquos. Looks beautiful.
Ares84  +   2790d ago
I got a copy too!!
Well...my girlfriend got it for me....I'm still at work...4more hours to go and than....Uncharted!!:D
Mc187  +   2790d ago
Picked mine up at lunch and have been ogling it since 130 pm est wont get to play it till round 10 pm but then....
42in ambilight check
house to myself check
good cigar check
copy of uncharted check check
good gaming for all triple check
im out
hanson520  +   2790d ago
So lucky guy !!
in taiwan Uncharted relese on December 4 !!

Can't wait !!!

right now just can play demo
aaquib5  +   2790d ago
Not in Canada
Too bad it's not out in Canada(atleast where Im at) yet.
akaFullMetal  +   2790d ago
got mine at 4pm, after finishing ratchet and clank, and starting assasins, i will then play uncharted, lots to do tonight and tomorrow, enjoy the game, i certainly will ;)
Whoooop  +   2790d ago
I got mine... Now I have to finish R&C, start and finish COD4(play online for a while), Open, start and finish AC and thennnnn open, start play and play and play the hell out of uncharted...

I'm going to walk with Nathan whenever I can just to enjoy the beauty...

I'm going to walk, enjoy the water, get wet and dry off, then get wet again, then look at the rocks, then run into the water one more time, then look to the sky.... then I will stop moving Nathan to watch him react...

Then run for a while, kill some guys with awesome style, blow some drums, platform a little. .... Then into the water I go... haha

I will literally enjoy Uncharted to the MAX. period
NaAsAr  +   2790d ago
the best buy near me has it but cant sell it till the 19th. and gamestop claims they dont have it. dam this would have been a good weekend to play. :(
Whoooop  +   2790d ago
you could fly down here to Puerto Rico and play mine!!! :)
Myth  +   2790d ago
I'll Fed EX my copy!
For $200 :) plus shipping
hanson520  +   2790d ago
Whoooop you so funny!!!
i think !!!if i want go Puerto Rico it's 15 hours to fly
Whoooop  +   2790d ago
haha thnks man
where you from?? up north?/ europe?
Kezman  +   2789d ago
i'm from europe do you mind if i pass by and play some uncharted, since i have to wait until early december so i can play it.. puerto rico it's not like so far away..
NaAsAr  +   2790d ago
and only about getting this game now, i live in boston, ma
RonDeMuerte  +   2790d ago
It's only a four hour flight from Boston to Puerto Rico......I used to go to college in Boston..so I know.....no that it matters........whatever...
RonDeMuerte  +   2790d ago
It's only a four hour flight from Boston to Puerto Rico......I used to go to college in Boston..so I know.....not that it matters........whatever...

Wow this my first double post!!!!....awesome!!!!!
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hanson520  +   2790d ago
Whoooop i from TAIWAN !! asia
do you know taipei 101??

ya is here
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Primetimebt  +   2790d ago
Just picked up copy up hour ago and must say this is the best game I played all year.
Eimmij  +   2789d ago
gamestop hates ps3
hi all i went there and got my drakes 2 day it is a great game one of the best games i have played in a long time and i have it is alot better then assassins creed but i like that game 2 if i hade to buy one more fps i was gonna snap oh and btw every time i go in to any gamestop/ebgames all they do is bashthe ps3 i mean if i was the boss i would make then stop it is bad for sales and um the ps3 is a great game lol and get this the guy tried to tell me the ps3 was junk and broke down a lot and xbox was a better gamein system cuz it has half the probs of the ps3 the thing is customers in the store where agreeing with him um... lmao wtf 3 red lights is he dumb wow what a a$$
ikkokucrisis  +   2789d ago
Remember, retailers usually promote what they can't sell.
It's good business sense after all...even if it means lying to your face.
Eimmij  +   2789d ago
and i have a 360 and i have been in 4 others gamestops/ebgames and they all say the same crap hmmm
Lanontscuz  +   2789d ago
whoomp whoomp!!!
i got mine and my wife is about to go to work yessss i can play when shes gone!!! cya
mccomber  +   2789d ago
Went at noon
and basically have had to force myself to stop playing to get some work done since. Incredible game all around, and at this point I don't see how any of the reviewers could have gone less than a 9 without feeling a bit guilty about it.
Simply put, this is the GOTY for the PS3, and a title everyone with the piano black box should own.
dinkeldinkse  +   2789d ago
This sucks
I don't even have AC yet, and now you guys already have uncharted and to top it off,I have already spent all my money for this week, so I have to wait till next week. Damn you November!
Skerj  +   2789d ago
Man this is lame I JUST got AC and now I'm torn :( I'll be picking it up tomorrow.
marcdz1  +   2789d ago
I just got my copy!
Some xbot punk was saying if I had the Ps3 that's the first game I would buy to a customer. lol! Then I noticed him hesitating by asking the manager lily which I know her by asking is it ok to sell it because it said on the computer that it was due for release until 11/19 manager said sell it! haha
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