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TopDudeMan2218d ago

Eventually when I can get on...

Dante1122218d ago

Well I'm back online. Came back on 15 mins ago, go try now.

TopDudeMan2218d ago

No, that's what I meant. I'm on so it's all good.

rajman2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

LOL Driver: San Francisco is up for £57.99 ($90)!!! WTF that is crazy, the game is already down to £37.99 at major UK retailers like GAME, hell even the Collectors Edition is £39.99

Ramas2218d ago

and some selling it used for 29gbp already.

EmperorDalek2218d ago

Plus members didn't get RE1-3...

mastiffchild2217d ago

SCEE just suck-period. They hate us I'm sure of it as this cannot all be by accident or by uselessness.