Call of Duty 4 - Playstation 3 Update Information

Fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling), Community Relations Manager from Infinity Ward, has posted the following information regarding a PS3 COD4 update and user troubleshooting tips on the official Infinity Ward forums.

"Wanted to give you guys a heads up on some updates coming to the PS3 version as well as some troubleshooting for those of you experiencing connection issues, especially those attempting to play within Dorms.

The first patch will be a Optimized Connection Patch, First the troubleshooting, those of you experiencing connection issues should check your router and make sure the following ports are OPEN:

3075 UDP
3074 UDP

This is the cause of why your Xbox 360 may work online, but your PS3 would not, as the Xbox 360 uses Port: 3074 UDP which is default open for Xbox Live compatible routers, however the PS3 version is using BOTH Port: 3075 (which is default closed for the majority of routers) and 3074 which should be default open.

Please ensure your router has 3075 UDP and 3074 open, information on how to open ports on your router should be found in your individual router's manual or website. This is a temporary solution, the optimized connection patch will fix this automatically once it's released.

Now for the Optimized Multiplayer updates, we've taken a lot of your community feedback and have been working on a patch for the PS3 version which we plan to release once complete, no ETA on when it will come out as it has to go through certification with Sony, however the update will address and add the following:

Identify party by Background Color (in Lobby)

Optimized Server selection for first match for better connections

Improved network performance for 18 player games

Optimized 'Chase Cam' when Spectating

Fixed Playlist error when attempting to join from other games

Handle Corrupt Create A Class data instead of kicking player

Added Kill cam to Airstrike bombs and Claymores

Added the ability to Mute Players on PS3

Added Recently Met Players on PS3

Tweaked the following Oldschool Mode Settings based on feedback:
- Added Unlimited Sprint
- Increased Magazine Size
- Added Ragdoll Cam

and finally, something we're working on getting into it by the time it hits you:

Addition of Host Migration so if Host Leaves auto-chooses next best host"

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Relcom4043d ago

These updates are exactly what i wanted. Thank you for not neglecting us PS3 users like some other developers...*cough EA cough cough* You have made this masterpiece even better, and from all PS3 users to you. Thank You!

Violater4043d ago

Now go make a Rumble Patch IW
k thnx bye

Relcom4043d ago

And you know they will too. Honestly only Blizzard and Insomniac hold more respect than i have for them.

marinelife94043d ago

Any idea when the patch will be released?

Dlacy13g4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Similar update listed on 360 forum

Looks like they were pretty universal issues.

d3l33t4043d ago

But still welcome :))

mighty_douche4043d ago

i was thinking 2 weeks late personally, but at least it'll be sorted soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.