Samurai Romances Draw Japanese Women to Video Games

Bloomberg: Like many Japanese young women, Takako Suzuki says the first thing she does most days is think about who her next boyfriend should be. Her choices: a cute millionaire, a butler or a samurai.

Whether playing the role of a teenager who fantasizes about her five rich housemates or flirting with a civil-war warrior, Suzuki says she can’t get enough of “otome” Japanese romance games geared toward women. Suzuki, who says she once played 10 different titles concurrently, buys credit from Gree Inc. (3632) to pamper her avatar with virtual clothes or shoes and purchase tickets for additional game chapters.

Suzuki and other female gamers are helping reshape the $10.6 billion video-game market in Japan, where the popularity of Gree’s social network is luring developers typically focused on making titles for Sony Corp. (6758) and Nintendo Co. Women will help sales of games played on social networks triple in the next five years, according to estimates by BNP Paribas SA in Tokyo.

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Inception2490d ago

Is that Chiaki Kuriyama? man, she's "hot" in Battle Royale and Kill Bill <3

for female gamer, well, that's good
carry on girls ;)

jc485732490d ago

don't forget Nightshade

MiamiACR692490d ago

I don't understand the mentality of people and anime/Japanese fetishes. Take Inception for example, he's all "IS THAT CHIAKI KURIYAMA?!" and I'm sitting here wondering if he's talking about a brand of cereal or that ugly over saturated whore with a controller.

Inception2490d ago

I'm not japanese/anime fetishes you idiot. And Chiaki Kuriyama have good acting in Battle Royale and Kill Bill.

Bolts2490d ago

That chick in the picture doesn't look like the Kill Bill schoolgirl at all.

Pozzle2490d ago

It is her. It was (surprisingly) the only picture I could find on google of a Japanese girl gaming. :O

Shojin12490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I guess dating is like changing socks these days. No wonder their birth rate is down. Whatever nationality it is people dont want to constantly be looking for someone to connect to then break that connection. Hope your romance games go well.

Maybe a game on monogamy is in order...