Call of Duty 4 - Xbox 360 Update Information

Fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling), Community Relations Manager from Infinity Ward, has posted the following information regarding a 360 COD4 update on the official Infinity Ward forums.

"Hey Everyone --

Wanted to give you a heads up for an update in the works for the Xbox 360 version. We're going to be optimizing a lot of things behind the scenes with matchmaking and host selection as well as adding a few new features via the update which I have outlined below. No ETA on when this update will be available for download, just giving a heads up on what's to come in the future in the first potential update:

Additions / New Features:
Added Kill cam to Airstrike bombs and Claymores

Addition of Host Migration so if Host Leaves auto-chooses next best host

Tweaked the following Oldschool Mode settings based on feedback:
- Added Unlimited Sprint
- Increased Magazine Size
- Added Ragdoll Cam

Optimizations / Tweaks:

Identify party by background color (in Lobby)

Optimized server selection for first match for better connections

Improved network performance for 18 player games

Optimized 'Chase Cam' when Spectating

Fixed Playlist error when attempting to join from other games

Handle Corrupt Create A Class data instead of kicking player"

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Tommie4021d ago

Great update! Works very well now, but these tweaks and new features will make it even better. I especially like the host Migration, much needed new feature. Hate it when a host suddenly quits.

sticky doja4020d ago

Can't agree with you more.

rbanke4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

list is about the same as the ps3 patch. Wonder when they will put the updates out.

EDIT: Dont know whats up with this site, the edit and reply never works (just refreshes the page) and now its making me post 4 times...

rbanke4021d ago

funny how someone disagreed with all the mistake comments. some people on this site are so lame

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