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kenpachi2342d ago

i live in ireland and it works for me

FAGOL2342d ago

Interesting. I live in England and it's not working. I get the 8002A548 error. I even tried my US and Japanese accounts.

Ace_Man_62342d ago

The only trouble I've got is trying to answer to a friend request

Iroquois_Pliskin2342d ago

goddamit I signed out just to test it and can't sign in back again....

Denethor_II2342d ago

I was playing GT5, very annoying.

buddymagoo2342d ago

Could the new firmware have something to do with it?

WhittO2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

:| really?? This is becoming a habit with PSN, funny how it barely went down and was stable first few years and now its down quite often.

Dee_912342d ago

down quite often ?
how much is quite often ?
because its rarely down for me
last time it was down for me was during the outage ..

MAiKU2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )


Are you insane? It's not down often, it was down a long time awhile back thanks to some 14 year old retards on a bandwagon.

Usual maintenance doesn't last that long or even many hours. And in my opinion regular maintenance of a service to make sure everything is ok is a good thing to me. Like what you should do on a car.

WhittO2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

^^ Well it feels like it has been down alot this past year, yes I understand being down for a month because of hacking, but it has been down several times since then for atleast a day at a time due to "scheduled maintenance".

I mean I remember it coming back online for a week after hack, then going back down again for a day or so, then coming back online then week later offline for maintenance again, I mean, get your s**t together haha.

When XBL has maintenance does their entire network go down and if so how long for? Just curious btw.

I get there are millions on PSN now and it is free, It is just annoying that the network seems less reliable than it was the first few years...

I remember telling all my m8s that even though PSN is free, it is NEVER down and really stable & lag-free, that has gone the way of cross-game chat! hahah

MAiKU2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I dunno what you're trying to say in that last part of your comment but I don't ever recall maintenance taking up an entire day (except when something bad happened). And if it has then it surely wasn't that much of a significant thing since i can't recall it at the top of my head (besides the hacking).

I stand by what i say, regular maintenance is something that should considered a good thing. maintenance is the act of maintaining or something being maintained, like when you and a close individual maintain a good relationship through hanging out. Read all my comments, I've never called out XBL or PSN being down for maintenance.

As for XBL, i wouldn't know but your good friend Google would have found that out for your in probably the same amount of time, or less, that it took for you to type that question. Uhm... should i laugh here? hahaha. there.

itsallgud2342d ago Show
da_2pacalypse2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

another reason that the ps3 is the inferior system. I don't recall the last outage on xbox live.... oh wait, that's because that didn't happen.

MaxXAttaxX2341d ago

Does this seriously pass ass news here on N4G?

@ itsallgud,

By the time you haters were done reading the title, PSN was back up!

WhittO2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

^^ yes maintenance is a good thing and is required, but PSN "maintenance" isn't that, it is the network going down/people unable to login in certain parts of the world, they find a solution then it is online in a few hours (usually) - that's NOT maintenance! Just like it happened today..

Also, it doesn't usually last 1 hour LOL (as you can see by today..), not being funny, but I can't believe when they actually schedule these things...which as I said seems quite often for the size of the maintenance - being from say 11.00-21:00 in my time zone, that to me is most of the day.

O well, it is free, but that is not an excuse to deliver an inferior product...

Also, if it wasn't for us "haters" @NathanExplosion, complaining etc, we probably wouldn't have half the features we do today, so take that as a good thing.
Why would you want to hold Sony in low standards which would only get worse? Yes, you can thank the complainers for in-game XMB and Trophies and every other feature worth talking about..

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fr0sty2342d ago

Whoever posted this failed to acknowledge that it isn't a 100% outage, and seems to be focused on the european areas.

LOGICWINS2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

"Whoever posted this failed to acknowledge that it isn't a 100% outage, and seems to be focused on the european areas."

I thought that was obvious since its coming Playstation Blog EU.

EDIT: Yup, its down for me as well. I live in NY.

FAGOL2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Well it is the European PS Blog twitter. I would put a update saying that it only affects european areas but some people from outside the EU are having problems.

DaTruth2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

It's down in Toronto!

Weird because I just updated and when the PS3 came back, it signed out immediately! Guess updates are on a different network!

execution172342d ago

I'm in Thunder Bay and I'm signed in, but my brother who lives in the same house can't log in >.>

ZeroOnyx2342d ago

I live in Ohio and it's out here as well.

Arcee2341d ago

I never experienced any downtime at all today when I was on the PSN. *Lives in L.A.*

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princejb1342342d ago

omg im in the united states and I'm also getting a error to sign in
if its another hack attack I'm gonna shoot myself

LOGICWINS2342d ago

If it's another hack attack, I'll play the plethora of single player games I have in my backlog and patiently wait for Welcome Back Package #2 :)

princejb1342342d ago

i like that idea logic wins, maybe i can finally finish dead space 2 revelation

Mr-Dude2342d ago


Welcome Back Package #2 LOL!


Mrmagnumman3572342d ago

yeah i need some more free games, so please hackers ?

princejb1342342d ago

@ miDnIghtEr
i recall people who didn't want to pay for xbox live made a new account monthly just to get a free month
so yea no wonder its so high, it goes both ways on both systems

DaTruth2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I don't know! I'm getting spam Emails and I don't remember if I gave them my phone number, but all of a sudden I'm getting calls from telemarketers!

It sucks, because I think I got a drug dealers old phone number and people finally stopped calling me just recently!

I barely play those games they gave me and they weren't worth the trouble!

cpayne932342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I decided to get a good single player game during the last outage, so I picked up infamous. :/ I was kinda annoyed that I could have gotten it for free.

SilentNegotiator2342d ago

ZOMG PSN is down in some regions! Hackerz!!!

Glad to see people are not overreacting.

DeFFeR2341d ago


But, it was good wasn't it? Unless you paid full retail, then you still made a good decision, and got 2 other games for free.

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farhad2k82342d ago

It's fully working for me??!

Misterhbk2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Just signed in to PSN right now just fine. about to check and see if I can get into uncharted 2 multiplayer

EDIT; yep, works just fine. plenty of other people playing.

just_looken2342d ago

I had a issue like 8ish hrs ago i rest my modem it fixed the issue after being on netflix and idle i logged off a hr ago so i just tried to sighn amd got a error code allwell there probibly doing background stuff. Oh crap right its sony OMG THEY GOT HAXXXXED NO WAIT IS A RANDOM TERORIST GROUP THEY BLEW UP THE SERVERS fn flame articles why not bash m$ for once f me.

Trebius2342d ago

mine seems to be workin only on certain accounts. So dont think its as serious as ppl make it out to be.

gapecanpie2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

It work for me ....and I live in crappy dumb GA.

****A disagree from a re***d ..... So it don't work for me? You sure about that invisible cowardly ghost?

morkendo232342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

live in united states work fine for me, downloaded RATCHET AN CLANK all 4 one demo.

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wenaldy2342d ago

I can sign in by using my primary asia account, but my friend is nowhere to be seen.. I dunno, maybe its late here, 2 a.m..

dafada2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

wtf im online right now on the on this site using my ps3 right fine for me...

dangert122342d ago

the web browser is not apart of psn the stores etc account setting etc are

LOGICWINS2342d ago

Was just about to post that. The Internet Browser on the PS3 has nothing to do with PSN.

dafada2342d ago

LOL I KNOW...i mean im online the PSN RIGHT NOW...i'm downloading reesident evil 4 RIGHT NOW

dafada2342d ago

oohhh......crap mines down now got got signed out like 40min ago.......lucky my resi4 finished downloading time to play dat

SnotyTheRocket2342d ago

You don't have to be logged in to download something that was already on the downloading list, I was able to download fancy pants after the big outage.

SolidAhmed2342d ago

i live in Saudi Arabia and am using the US account and it is not working?

solidworm2342d ago

IT be Those Damn haCKERz.