The Witcher 2 Still Best on PC Say Developers, New Updates Planned

GR - "The Witcher 2 plays best on the PC according to its developers at CD Projekt Red, which also plans to release a new 2.0 update for the game next year."

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RedDead2560d ago

THe witcher 1's update improved it a whole lot, I expect this one will to

Kamikaze1352560d ago

I'm just glad they're being honest instead of trying to make the 360 version seem better, lol. Can't wait for the update!

evrfighter2559d ago

I guess they must have saw how everyone was laughing at crytek for saying the console version of crisis would be better and learned something from that.

TurboGamer2560d ago

It would have been better with DX11. Better Performance, better graphics. The only reason that its in DX 9 was because it was allready in development for the xbox from the start.

Fishy Fingers2559d ago

Why would that matter? Plenty of multiplat games are Dx11. Dont always assume the answer is purely the most dramatic you can come up with.

frelyler2559d ago

Funny you say that because most people agree it's one of the best looking games to come out in a while. As far as RPG's go nothing currently available even comes close.

sonicsidewinder2559d ago

You see, that's what I think. They came across as,

"Ay, we're PC fo Lyf. Witcher 2 is too intense for consoles. But SURE we'd LOVE to put it on console..."

They did very well at apeasing the PC hardcore, when really, yeah, It was a planned multiplatform, which if they had said from the start, it would be met with the chorus of 'dumbed down-arama'.

still great game though.

thebudgetgamer2559d ago

why even state that, they don't want us to buy it?

pr0digyZA2559d ago

I suppose they should lie then to make you feel better.

thebudgetgamer2559d ago

no, they should say we will work hard to make it work.

not, hey spend more for less.

Letros2559d ago

They didn't say it's not going to work, they are just saying if you have the option to play it on PC, do it. Same with 99% of all multiplats.

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