NBA 2K12… Where is the Hype?

In years past, NBA 2k series has been the gem of sports games world-wide. Fans would clamor for any updates and footage that 2K could provide. Is this still the case?

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Da Ill One2403d ago

I'm not sure where you're looking but all the forums i visit are WAY more into 2K12 then Gears of War 3...anytime an insight is dropped it's scrutinized and has a couple hundred replies on it. It's very hyped if you look in the right places

maawdawg2403d ago

I am not a huge sports game fan but I do play some Madden, NHL, and NBA2K from time to time with friends. I am having a really hard time caring about a new basketball game when there isn't even a basketball season in the works right now due to the lockout.

I can't imagine that the lockout will have a positive effeect on the sales of 2K12.

OllieBoy2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

It's getting plenty of hype, especially for an annual sports title.

OcelotRigz2403d ago

As fan of the game you'd probably come across news and such just like any other year because you'd be looking for it. But generally speaking there is too many big games coming this year and 2k12 is just gonna get buried in their hype.