UMvC3 – DLC Gameplay Mode Will Change the Way You Play

Producer Ryota Niitsuma says that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 includes everything the team didn’t have time to include in the first version of the game.

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SonyNGP2403d ago

Didn't have time?
Rushed game confirmed. Shame on you, Crapcom!

MakiManPR2403d ago

Exactly as I thought, I knew it was a rushed game to compete with MK9. Everything in the game looks rushed, from the menu to the characters. Too bad I love fighting games and I'll buy it. Capcom knows how to steal my money.

ScytheX32403d ago

sure it wasnt a type and is actually "change the way you pay" fuck all the ppl that say its a business and blah blah blah.... blah, yes its a business but the ethics they apply to the way they do business is scamless. adding content to the disc and later label it as 'downloadable content' is ridiculous, it should really be labeled as "unlock disc content" i remember back in pc days when in internet connections werent as big as they are now and dlc on console didnt exist, developers released new game content as free, as a fucking incentive to keep playing their game. -_- x 10

kesvalk2403d ago

DLC mode, every super you do, you pay $1.00
if you win, you pay $5.00

of course, any skin you have will need to be brought again for this gamemode...

die capcom...

UltraVegito2403d ago

You forgot the worst part in DLC mode
If you lose you have to pay 50$

Capcom....YOU MUST DIE

Greek God2403d ago

i lol at the idiots buying 60 dollar BETA hahahahha

Cablephish2403d ago

One of those idiots would be me...

maniacmayhem2394d ago

What i find funny and what everyone should be thinking is we paid 60 for an incomplete game and now 40 for a full complete, feature rich game.

I'm wondering why we pay 60 for a game anyways.