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GameBlurb writes,"It’s booze, it’s classic and new gaming, and vacation is three months away. Why not? For 21+ only – reader discretion advised. You know, for the parents who complain about accountability and restrictions in games yet are too lazy to figure out how parental controls work on their kids computer."

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Gordo7892522d ago

my drink of choice for any game is bourbon and 1 ice cube.

DankJemo2522d ago

Can't argue with that. I enjoy myself a glass of whiskey quite regularly while gaming, especially war games. Shoot people and drinking straight Scotch or Bourbon is what makes a man outta ya.

gogospeedracer2522d ago

I'm more of a beer guy. For me, nothing is better than begin with your buds, outside in the night air, having a cold one.

MicrocutsX22522d ago

The Captain Morgan and Coke sound like a good combo.

TheDivine2522d ago

I cant drink alchahol when i game i like to concentrate and focus. I prefer to drink mosters, gets me pumped for a long ass gaming session. Nothing better imo.

beast242tru2522d ago

we do it a little different in bahamas its nothin like a ice cold kalik or a guinness with a spliff and it has to be before we game not during gamein gata be focussed

waltyftm2522d ago

A nice glass of vodka(straight) a bottle of white cider and a bong helps me loads.

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