Newspapers ‘Can’t Tell Real World From Fantasy’?

gametaroo! writes:

How videogames are presented in the UK press has long been a point of frustration for me. Although things are improving (with many papers now having dedicated games sections delivering interesting content, The Guardian’s Gamesblog for example) when games do manage to grab a headline it is more often than not due to a story with negative connotations. Only this week we have seen the Daily Mirror run the headline ‘I’ll Do A Grand Theft Auto Massacre’ in relation to Ryan Donovan, who shot dead an officer on the submarine, HMS Astute.

Seeing games being publicly pilloried in a such a fashion is nothing new, and that (in this case) it was Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto being dragged over the coals yet again is not surprising in the least (it is, after all, the video-nasty-of the-day). News stories such as this are obviously massive oversimplifications - who knows what issues Ryan Donovan was dealing with that caused him to carry out such a horrific...

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BattleTorn2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

well it's really hard when in real life I actually am a descendent of assassin-lineage, whos gone back through time in an Animus in order to change the course of history.

**acts out sword-play moves**

jony_dols2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Bah who gives a shit about what 'tat' newspapers such as the the Mirror have to say. I wouldn't wipe my ass with it.

I'm surprised Rockstar haven't already sued them for attempting to hack Niko Belic's phone.

Paragon2402d ago

I hate the generalization people portray ALL gamers as.

And every time someone gets killed, if there was a PS3 or Xbox in the room - it was 'obviously' the cause of some 'obsession' of Video Games or something that 'caused' the murder.

Jourdy2882402d ago

Sigh. Why don't they blame movies for murders? Or Machiavelli for making people jerks?

shatteredirony2402d ago

Its age old though aint it, cant just blame the person for being a psycho, you have to blame some type of media be it books, games etc. At the end of the day the thoughts are already there the actions are of that of the person committing the crime and therefore its of their own free will not that of any type of media.