Battlefield 3 Beta Does not Have Jets; online stats are Saved Real Time

Check out some new information for Battlefield 3.

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xYLeinen2433d ago

Thanks DICE.

No more throwing the controller at the wall because you had an awesome round and racked up a lot of score/kills because you got disconnected from the server..

Best news all day..

DaCajun2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Plus all the rage quitters getting smashed who quit out the bad game and only play the good ones so they can pad their stats with only the good stats. I known people who disconnect their internet just for that reason then try to deny it and say something must be wrong with the connection but it always seems to happen when they're getting destroyed in stats.

chickens2433d ago

lol thats sad but true. too many people take a game a bit too seriously. a game is meant to be for fun.

on to[ic - im looknig forward to playing the game before it launches so i can 100% decide if i want to buy the game or not. i wish mw3 did this too.

Szarky2433d ago

I have lost A LOT!!!! of points because of this in Bad Company 2.

Not only because of getting kicked off by the server but also having some rounds just not remember your stats at all even though you finished the round and it saved fine. It hasn't happened recently to me but it has happened quite a bit in the past. Getting kicked off is one thing but finishing and without any indication that the stats didn't save properly is really annoying.

Wizziokid2433d ago

would of loved to try the jets but I can wait for release.
bring it!

raWfodog2433d ago

I agree plus I think it would have been a better test map because of all the things going on (and of all the things that could go wrong).

latinalover2433d ago

Its all good. We dont need jets in beta

lugia 40002433d ago

No more rage quitters that hit the dashboard to not lose kd. Good job.

Szarky2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I would imagine it wouldn't really matter for those kind of players. If they're getting spanked and their k/d is bad they're still going to quit aren't they?

There's no difference (other than leaving a shitty round that you're sucking at) between staying until the end of the round and getting beat with a bad k/d and quitting half way through the round with a bad k/d.

I actually think this gives those type of players a bit of an advantage. Think about this... in Bad Company 2 you had to play until the end of the round to get points. There was a few round I was getting spanked bad but I stuck around to get my points. If I'm half way through the round now there's no incentive for me to stay for the remainder of the beating unless... quitting = lose points?

miDnIghtEr2433d ago

What? Your stats would disappear in BFBC 2 if someone disconnected? That sucks. I'm shocked that they didn't have it setup like COD does and you only lose the XP points. It still keeps your kills and deaths if someone rage quits in COD.

And that's a real shame about no jets. What's the good of a beta if you can't tell them what's wrong with all the stuff in the game. Tanks and Jets included.

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