A Simple Question (With Recap): Gears Of War Exclusivity

Tym Kaywork from Platform Nation asks this weeks question: "Will the Gears of War franchise remain a Microsoft exclusive in the future?"

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iHEARTboobs2492d ago

I think Epic would like to release their monster hit on other platforms. And I don't think MS can offer them enough cash to stay exclusive.

eindeadmiles2492d ago

Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer: Yes, there's no way Microsoft is going to let Epic release a huge franchise like Gears onto other platforms.

nolifeking2492d ago

But it's not really up to MS where gears goes. In my humble opinion, Epic loves the marketing money they(ms) throw at the game. If Gears was MP I highly doubt it would be getting the exposure it enjoys now. Plus being one of only a handful of exclusive titles on the console gives it a bit of breathing room.

DigitalRaptor2492d ago

Weren't Epic recently talking about how much they liked the PS Vita and the power it had.

I don't think a Gears of War (Vita) is completely out of the question.

Ness-Psi2492d ago

I'm disappointed they only released the first game on PC they should release the others too.

Death2492d ago

Bullet Storm was multiplatform. I would imagine sales on each platform will help with any decisions on development exclusivity. If sales are any indication, PS3 owners like to brag about exclusives more than buy them.