Gears of War 3 Rated Nearly Perfect in Famitsu

The editors of Famitsu awarded Gears of War 3 a near perfect score in the magazine's latest issue. The four person review crew gave the game three 10s and one 9, making Gears 3 among the top rated games of all time.

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gillri2525d ago

gears has always been a AAA franchise, I sold my xbox a while ago as I wanted a break from gaming for 6 months or so

I have borrowed my brothers in the mean time and have just brought gears of war 3. in fcta its the only xbox exlcusive im bothered about for forseeable future

RedDead2525d ago

I've been planning to sell my 360 for about a year, Gears is the only thing that stopped me, just incase it was as good as it is.

Convas2525d ago

You know the game is good when it score that high in JAPAN.

Having an absolute blast with my copy. I'm in Act II, Chapter II, and it's been AWESOME. The Leviathan battle looked EXACTLY like it did at E3. No bullshot footage or anything like that.

Game is crisp, textures are sharp, and it controls beautifully. I like fighting the Lambent, but the Locusts are were it's at. Especially the Savage Boomers.

LOGICWINS2525d ago

"You know the game is good when it score that high in JAPAN."

Yeah man. For a Western made game to get that kind of praise from Famitsu is insane!

edhe2525d ago

Because Japan makes all the best games.. right?

StanLatMarveldotCom2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

You know what they mean so why be so defensive? The fact is, Japan hasn't exactly embraced Western games especially those as viscerally violent and aimed at a hardcore audience as Gears of War is. There's no need to demerit Japan's gaming culture.

edhe2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Why not? this is N4G: it's all about the trolling.

And as for the japanese gaming culture, i'll kindly refer you to capcom who are refusing to make new IP and are just re-releasing their old stuff to milk the market.

To Square Enix whose very own executive condemned the industry as backward.

Sony, who wish to remove your rights in the US with their new TOS. Nintendo who treat consumers as idiots with the 3DS.

Props, however, to level 5 for the ghibli game.

But seriously, how can you condone that culture?

AridSpider2525d ago ShowReplies(1)
Septic2525d ago

I got the game yesterday and I played Horde mode for about 4 hours with my mate. All I dreamt about afterwards was chainsaws and tickers.


TyrionL2525d ago

I know right. All I thought about yesterday was getting off work to go play it. Again all I can think about today is getting off work so I can go play it. I can't believe how addictive the MP is. I mean I've played the other 2 quite a bit, but I still feel like Gear 3 is a fresh take on it, and the fluid feel to the controls is second to none IMO. I’ve played every other major release on all systems this year, and I have to say so far Gears 3 is the best out of all of them, but the heavy competition is still to come. My excitement level for UC3 was about Neck and Neck with Gears 3, but I have to admit I want Skyrim more than both of them put together. I just can’t believe how amazing that game looks so far.

MasterD9192525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

This game is just stunning. A job well done.

The biggest leap of the series by far. Gears 3 flipped the script and improved literally everything. My favorite game of the year so far.

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