What to Expect From the Next Generation of Game Consoles

Nintendo already unveiled its next-generation game console, the Wii U, earlier this year. But what about Microsoft and Sony? We asked PCWorld's four biggest gaming geeks to make predictions on what the next Xbox and PlayStation systems will look like.

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Agent_hitman2522d ago

I'm really sick of this topic, sony and ms already stated that there will be no console successor for the time being, EA, epic game, ubisoft already stated that also in the previous articles.. So what they're doing is, squeezing more power of x360 and ps3.. kinda poor if you ask me..

decrypt2522d ago

They really only can go 2 routes from here. The tech in the PS3 or Xbox 360 is very dated.

Option 1

They can either give both these consoles die shrinks, slighly more powerful CPU and GPUs, give more ram, nothing radical. This will save costs and they probably can be profitable on the hardware very soon and they probably also can maintain the BC with current software. Only downside the next systems wont be as big of a jump as the current gen was.

Option 2

They can go with a completely new architecture, it will cost both of the loads of money, they probably wont be profitable for years to come. They might end up losing BC and the systems will end up costing as much as low to mid range gaming PCs, though they probably will be equally powerful.

I would think they probably will go with option 1, since both of them have incurred heavy losses this gen.

KingPin2522d ago

i was just thinking of option 1, while it sounds like a good idea, i might be seeing a flaw unless you could explain it further for me <mind my ignorance>

but if they release newer consoles with slightly better cpus/gpus and more ram, how will that fair for newer games played on the older system. <coz if i have to buy the updated model, i might as well buy a new system anyways>

keep in mind the software will be pushing the upgraded cpu/gus/ram to the max. wont this make the game on older models run a lil crap.

its like initially having:
PC1: 1ghz cpu, 512mb gpu 1 gig ram.
upgrading to PC2: 1.5 ghz, 1024mn, 2 gigs ram. surely pushing PC2 to the max will make PC1 not able to run the game properly.

like i said, not being a smart ass. you might be seeing something im not.

decrypt2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )


Obviously if they release PS4 and Xbox 720, the games for those platforms wont be running on PS3 or Xbox 360.

What i do see happening next gen is, that PS3 and Xbox 360 wont be dumped for a very long time. They will carry on to exist side by side the new systems. Newer games will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 too however they will just run on lower settings. Its just that you wont be able to pick up a game built for PS4 and make it run on a PS3(something which you can do for PCs however, since PC doesnt have that sort of restriction it will just run the game at lower resolutions and framerates on older machines).

Christopher2521d ago

***I would think they probably will go with option 1, since both of them have incurred heavy losses this gen.***

Uhhhh... false! Wait, that wasn't a question? Sorry, but you're wrong. The only thing holding back their overall profits is their continued investments into R&D.

princejb1342522d ago

yea I'm tired of these articles also, how bout we focus on this gen first and than when next gen comes out we focus on that

Matrix_2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

this is one of the dumbest articles Ive ever read. No facts, generalizations, false opinions ect

For example comparing ios list of games in bulk and then comparing it with the 3ds in quantity which has only been out 6 months and pretending the quality is the same.

Another example. The 3ds is dead? Its number 1 worldwide and has been for a few months, number 1 in japan for 4 months.......... Obviously not so dead.

I wish people writing these articles would tell the truth someday.

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rattletop2522d ago

pls some1 make similar articles, quick - " what NOT to expect from next-gen consoles", " 5 reasons why next-gen consoles will be better", "xbox 720 vs ps4"

beast242tru2522d ago

i expect sony and microsoft to wait a while longer i expect good games to keep coming anf i expect to play the shiz outta them until further notice

strickers2522d ago

I expect games.At first,pretty versions of current gen and after a couple of years,things that couldn't be done this gen.That is all I need.

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