60 Million Content Downloads On PSN

The Bitbag writes, "Well it's that time of year for the PS3. It's been a rocky year but it looks like Sony has set themselves up for a great 2008. Sony is enjoying the fruits of it's first year of labor and hopes to have a bright future for the PS3. There's some interesting stats in this release. They actually had 60 million content downloads on PSN!?!?!?!?"

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MaximusPrime_3994d ago

Im not surprised. I actually found PSN store (despite some poor showing) more interesting than xbox live.

rofldings3994d ago

Jump out. Play b3yond.

Also, you can still live in your world (...if you want)

Laexerias3994d ago

in full size. @dude up to me

gamesblow3994d ago

Well, I'm to blame for 16 PSN downloaded games.. which all blow but Tekken and Every day shooter and lemmings. 60 million is more impressive than xbox live, though... Wanna know why? Cause the PSN is complete garbage and anyone who'd ever think in a million years something could be downloaded 60 million times off the server is in need of meds.

This is why sony thinks they're service is so good. Right here. Peopple keep downloading their junk.

power0919993994d ago

Basically you are saying that all of PSN is junk?

So if they didn't put anything on PSN, would you complain about lack of content?

dhammalama3994d ago

You better not mess with him. He'll use his unrivaled super-supreme gaming blogger guru status to mar your reputation. Didn't you know? He's a super mega legion commanding ultra high approval rating (98% in fact) star of the gaming blog-o-stratosphere. He Is wildly popular with EVERYONE.

Sheesh, I can't believe you guys didn't know that!


gamesblow3994d ago

No, not all of it... just the look of it, the interface, 97% of the content... so, a good chunk of it, yes.

power0919993994d ago

Thank you for an honest answer.


dhammalama3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

It's all pretty much crap - aside from a few awesome network titles and demos, and maybe a couple movie trailers. The heavenly sword miniseries is pretty kickass, too.

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The story is too old to be commented.