PlayStation Vita Launch Line-up: Preview (Modojo)

Martin Robinson (Modojo): Nintendo may have done its best to spoil Sony's party by announcing that Monster Hunter would be coming to the 3DS, but the air of celebration continues around PlayStation Vita. Thirty-one games for the handheld made an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show, and Monster Hunter aside, it was the biggest pull of the event.

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remanutd552494d ago

hopefully Uncharted Golden Abyss , Little Deviants , Little Big Planet , Gravity Rush and Wipeout 2048 end up being NA launch titles , i know Resistance Burning Skies is expected to release summer 2012 ( bummer )

Marceles2494d ago

*searches for Gravity Daze in article, didn't find it, closes article*

miyamoto2494d ago

really no Gravity Daze! no read!

lionelglitchy2494d ago

is that F1 2011 a joke really?

cpayne932494d ago

I hope lords ofthe apocalypse turns out better than arcana and makes it over to NA.

MasterCornholio2494d ago

Now this is how you launch a handheld.

Good Job Sony.

Highlife2494d ago

apperently there are some that think there are too many games huh

MasterCornholio2494d ago

Nah they just jelly that their gods didn't do the same with theirs.

Matrix_2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

to be quite honest, ff rythm, inazuma eleven go, suikoden psp were the biggest draws of the event for me followed closely by the ys IV remake and the disgaea 3/ tales of innocence remakes.

The only game that made me truely giddy, was a new suikoden, and a new fire emblem. Because I found it so unlikely to see.

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