Verizon plays it cool regarding Xbox television partnership

From Gamertell:

"In a Verizon forum post titled 'A Borderless Entertainment Future,' Verizon’s director of media relations Bobbi Henson wrote that Verizon’s goal is to use technology to bind together services that are usually assigned to different devices."

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holdmedownma20082408d ago

It's beyond me why MS won't use this money to bring more games to the 360.

just_looken2408d ago

there probably going to spend it on win8 marketing/bs commercials

Death2408d ago

What money? You are assuming Microsoft is paying Comcast and Verizon to use 360's for their service. How do you know it isn't the other way around?


blumatt2408d ago

You might as well give up on that, man. MS clearly doesn't care about bringing us any exclusives. Third party games is what it relies on for the most part, and I guess that's not gonna change anytime soon. They don't understand the importance of a strong first party lineup.

NYC_Gamer2408d ago

They understand but the console is still being brought without a bucket load of first party exclusives.....

blumatt2408d ago

Yeah, I understand that, but I still think first party studios are important. Either way, it doesn't matter much now, as I finally went out and bought a 360 this past weekend. My gamertag is Blu Matt. I'll be getting CoD MW3 on the 360. Add me if you want, anyone.