Busting PC gaming myths #1: It's too expensive

In the first part of a series, Bobby Gooding of dispels the myth that PC gaming is a wallet-crippling experience.

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fluffydelusions2370d ago

It's not so much the price for me, it's just I don't really know anyone that games on PC. Everyone I know plays on consoles.

evrfighter2370d ago

Quick someone report this article. Gotta hide the truth

-Alpha2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Can't you make new friends over Steam?

Ironically, it's the opposite for me. A bunch of my PS3 friends are jumping ship to PC all due to Battlefield 3 most recently, and I know a couple of real life friends who are PC gamers. Most my PSN friends I made on N4G/playing Multiplayer.

2370d ago
iamgoatman2370d ago


You don't have to use a mouse and keyboard if you don't want to, one of the best part about PC gaming is the options it gives you.

Most multi-platform games these days support the Xbox 360 controller by default, as well as numerous other controllers. There are specialist drivers that allow a DS3 to be used as well if that's your thing. For games that don't have native controller support there are programs like xpadder or pinnacle that allow you to map a KB+M onto a pads buttons.

Dark_king2370d ago

@iamgoatman yea but then if he plays online he will get rapped pretty good.I still want the move's nav stick and a mouse personally I hate using the keyboard for direction control.

Laika2370d ago

@ iamgoatman
ya you have the option but if the game doesnt support an xbox controller setting up a ds3 or any other gamepad is the biggest pain in the ass. which a lot of the time sums up my pc experience. i have bought games off steam i have still not gotten to work

Autodidactdystopia2370d ago

@ lakia

most stuff is automapped in windows 7

even games that dont natively support a 360 pad will setup automatically to the default gamepad arrangements.

with ds3tool i use the 360 option so my pc thinks my ps3 controller is a 360 controller.

then voila quickness stuff is incredibly easy on pc nowadays.

DaReapa2370d ago


I'm a PS3 owner who just recently made the jump to PC gaming, but that's largely due to the fact that console gaming has become a little too casual for my taste. Outside a few console exclusive titles like L.A. Noire, Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, RDR, etc., there hasn't really been much to my liking. Not to mention, this sweet looking gem of a game called ArmA 3 making its way to PC next year had a little something to do with it as well. I really hate it took this long for me to invest in a gaming rig.

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despair2370d ago

I know a good dozen people personally who game on the PC and with steam pack deals we get some great discounts and all play together. Also nothing beats a good all night LAN party.

Outside_ofthe_Box2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Looike here, PC gamers are hypocrites. They are always complaining how 4-5 year old technology(consoles) are holding PC gaming back. Yet they have the audacity to say you don't have to constantly upgrade your PC. They say just spend some $400 and you have a PC that outperforms consoles and you won't have to upgrade it for a couple of years.

What??? I thought 4-5 year old technology was holding PC gaming back? Now you are telling that if I get a PC I won't have to upgrade it for 4-5 years? Hypocrisy!

Look, there is no need to make an article to prove myths wrong. If you want to have an - UP - TO - DATE - HIGH - END - PC then it'll be expensive. Why have a PC that is either on par with console or slightly outperforms them when you can just get the console itself? Especially since consoles were made for gaming. And with consoles there is no need to shell out thousands of dollars per year for a constantly outdated system.

Darkfocus2370d ago

you don't need an up to date PC to top consoles if your gonna play a game might as well play the best version.

that's a $260(yes I know 2 components are out of stock so you can't see the price but when there in stock it comes to 262) pc that'll run any multiplat at 1080P and it has everything you need but an OS and a screen which everyone already has.

Outside_ofthe_Box2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

PC gamers are always going on about how the PC is vastly superior than consoles and about how consoles are holding them back. Yet they say you don't need a PC with high specs. Which begs the question, You want me to settle for mediocrity now?

You guys are always using a High End PC to boast about how PC > Consoles, but when it comes to which one is more expensive you use the cheaper ones...

I'd rather have consoles with exclusives that max out the console than a cheap gaming PC to play horrible mutiplatform ports. o.O

PC gamers just need to stop wasting their time defending the PC when they should put that time into playing world of warcraft or getting a job so that they can earn money in order to update their already out of date PC. :D

-Alpha2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

You DON'T need a PC with super high specs to play the latest games. And that doesn't mean that you are "settling" for mediocrity, low end PC performance STILL outclasses console performance.

It's not just about the graphics here, either. PC gaming outperforms console gaming in a wider area than just graphical fidelity-- free superior online, mods, dedicated servers, etc.

PC gamers don't use cheaper models to make their point, but cheaper models are used to exemplify the wide diversity of PC gaming. You get what you pay for with PC gaming, the bottom line is that objectively, the investment in a PC is better than that of a console.

The myth about pricing is that PC gaming is expensive. Yet console gamers pay $600 for a console and pay $40-$60 a year for their multiplayer which adds up. Additionally, they pay $60+ for new games and have to wait much longer for those prices to go down while pricing on PC gaming goes dirt cheap. Anyone with access to Steam knows this. In the long term, the PC investment is much better than console gamers assume. That's the main point of dealing with this myth: console gamers think that PC gaming is so expensive and that PC's need constant upgrading to play games

Outside_ofthe_Box2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

This reason alone is why console is the better investment...

Consoles are made for gaming.


The reason why the price drops quickly for PC games is due to the PIRATING PRICKS that all pc gamers are.

ryhanon2370d ago

I'm with you. I've been a console gamer since the mid 80s and a PC gamer since the early 90s and yet, I agree with you.

The problem with articles like this right now is that they're comparing these PCs to consoles that are 5 and 6 years old. Of *COURSE* PCs are going to outperform consoles for only $400-500.

An equivalent PC built 5-6 years ago when the consoles came out would have been significantly more expensive than the consoles at the time and in order for it to handle most games today (on anything but low graphics settings) you'd have had to upgrade it a couple of times. And for those of you that will inevitably argue that your computer is 6 years old, has never been upgraded, and runs all the latest games just fine at highest resolution etc etc... you fall into one of two groups: 1) you either spent $1000+ on your computer 6 years ago or, and this is far more likely, 2) you're full of shit.

Let's take a look at these comparisons again when the next generation of consoles come out so we're at least comparing similar hardware.

A big reason people prefer console gaming is because they don't want to deal with the headaches associated with PC gaming (driver / software incompatibilities, etc). Also, you have to consider families where everyone shares the same PC. If you want to sit down and play a game but your PC is occupied by your little brother doing homework, or your wife updating her resume, or your kids on facebook, whatever...

That all having been said, I think in the grand scheme of things PC gaming is superior to console gaming, I don't think a lot of people are going to argue that. PC gamers get significantly better deals on games, that's for sure. Also, with PCs you get fantastic mods for some games, extending the life of certain games well beyond their expected life-cycle (though I'd argue it's often barely worth digging through hundreds of garbage mods to find the one gem that might exist, not to mention sometimes mods are incompatible with other mods for the same game which can cause significant problems including hard crashes, but I digress).

However, I think a lot of people prefer the idea of a separate system dedicated to gaming. They want to pop a game into their 360 or PS3 and play it without ever having to worry about whether or not the system can handle it. They want a system where they never have to worry about driver or software incompatibilities. They want a system dedicated to gaming so they don't have to wait for little Johnny to finish working on his book report. They just want to start the game and go.

-Alpha2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

"<- WRONG!"

Care to elaborate?

I just told you that all things considered, what you get out of a PC investment is much more diverse than what you get out of a console investment. In the long term, console gamers are still paying pricier amounts for games, paying for online/DLC, expensive hardware that outdates at a much quicker rate, etc. An older PC still outperforms an older console, there is a much greater freedom in multiplats and exclusives that consoles restrict heavily upon their audiences.

Consoles are made for gaming? PC's can just as well be made for gaming, what's your point?

PC games arent cheaper because of pirates, console games remain at a fixed price because of royalty fees-- that is why you initially pay $10 extra and why prices remain so high. What you are saying about piracy does not change the fact that Steam bundles far outweigh console pricing in value, yet XBL and PSN are both weighted down by strict policies, restrictions, (XBL) and lack of up-to-date services (PSN)

You are also heavily mistaken in calling PC gamers hypocrites-- the problem of "holding PC's back" isn't a problem of console performance. It is a problem of developers catering to mainstream audiences that are predominant on the consoles and developers applying one standard to PC and consoles when making their games. PC gamers do not care if console gamers are outdated, until it begins to affect PC gaming. This has nothing to do with PC gamers recommending low-end PCs, and like I already said, low end PCs still outclass current consoles

Logic_Over_All2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )


""the problem of "holding PC's back" isn't a problem of console performance. It is a problem of developers catering to mainstream audiences that are predominant on the consoles and developers applying one standard to PC and consoles when making their games.""

Then it should be "developers are holding the PC back" not consoles.

zero_gamer2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

"Especially since consoles were made for gaming"

And PC is made for anything, depending on how you design your PC. By your logic it's like saying a DVD player is better than PCs because DVD players are made for movies. Well that analogy is just as bad as consoles vs PC comparison for gaming. PC is an open platform that is for whatever you intend to use a PC for. You design your machine's specs according to your intentions and needs when using a PC. That is the beauty of it all, really.

I really love it how you stereotype PC gamers for being hypocrites. I don't blame consoles for holding back PC, I blame it on the developers themselves for choosing to consolize certain game on PC, yet you automatically consider ME a hypocrite because I happen to be a PC fan.

I can throw the same dart at an entire fanbase of a certain console for being hypocrites. One example would be certain fanboys bashing another console for having shovelware while their own console's predecessor had way more shovelware than the entire library of Wii games combined, good and bad.

However that is not true. Not every fan of a certain console are hypocrites. That would be stereotyping. Each platform has respectable fans and idiot fanboys. It's sad that certain gamers have to be this pathetic on internet comment boards.

zero_gamer2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

"The reason why the price drops quickly for PC games is due to the PIRATING PRICKS that all pc gamers are."

Ha, I didn't read this post until now. You've stooped down to a low for console fanboys.

Yes, we're all pirating pricks even though many of us buy our games. You're just trolling in the name of the Almighty Console Gaming. Unfortunately you've wasted a lot of time. PC fans don't care about your Console Bible.

"PC gamers just need to stop wasting their time defending the PC when they should put that time into playing world of warcraft or getting a job so that they can earn money in order to update their already out of date PC. :D "

ROFL! Now you're the hypocrite. Care to respond? Oh, that's right, you can't.

Hicken2370d ago

Ignoring all the fanboys, I want to say well-said and bubbles up to rhyanon.

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iamnsuperman2370d ago

For me price is an issue along with others. I know it doesn't cost a grand but if I was going to put money down (400) on a PC I will have to use it for work as well. No point just getting a PC for gaming (only want one or two games for it). Weirdly computers slowly die in the work aspect and after a couple of years it needs replacing so more money spent. Console at the moment is 200 which isn't too bad. The games as well. I enjoy my PS3 exclusives which do not make there way to the PC. Obviously people are different but for me the games and the price of getting a gaming PC which are expensive is more of a luxury especially when PC need updating (work use wise) after a few years. If I had the money sure I would get on but I would just rather pay x amount for a console especially when consoles are moving towards longer generation life span. But this is just me

DigitalAnalog2370d ago

Budget PC = Short term (constant upgrades)
High-End PC = Long term (upgrades once every console cycle minimum)

-End statement

Rush2370d ago

Even a high end Gaming PC needs upgrading every 3-4 years to be honest you wouldn't get a full console cycle out of it.

Darkfocus2370d ago

the 8800GTX is still competent enough to run any multiplat maxed(no DX11 though) at 1080p and it can run most PC exclusives decently too with a few settings turned down...

wissam2370d ago


PC have a high standards than consoles hardware wise. while its true you will not need to upgrade.
but I HARDLY imagine a PC gamer sticking with this old ass video card you are mentioned in now days.

ryhanon2370d ago

@pr0digy - yeah and that's a $300-400 video card (and was $600 when it came out). That doesn't take into account any of the other parts that make up this PC of yours. Throw in a motherboard, RAM, HDD, and CPU and you're talking another $200-400 depending on how much you skimp.

So today, with 5 year old hardware, you're talking a $500-600 PC. At the time when it was all new hardware, 5 years ago, the video card *ALONE* cost $600. The PC total would have been damn near $1000 if not more.

Please, come back when your argument makes sense.

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pr0digyZA2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Actually read his question
"Even a HIGH END GAMING PC needs upgrading every 3-4 years to be honest you wouldn't get a full console cycle out of it."

So that was a high end gaming PC, but it can still be used today and get better looking multiplatform games that are on console, due to the high resolution that it can output. So technically it can go a full cycle because whatever consoles do that card can do too and will be able to do until the consoles retire.As Wissam said though a lot of PC players have moved on anyway.
Plus no one mentioned anything about price.

ryhanon2369d ago

You're right, I'll concede that point.

I think the important thing to remember though, is that while you might have built a high end PC 6 years ago that may outlast the current console generation, it would have cost a pretty penny to do so. You say nobody mentioned anything about price, but the article is trying to suggest that it's cheaper and in the long term, depending on how many games you buy / how many Steam deals you take advantage of, maybe it is, but my point is that the initial cost of investment is significantly higher. If you want to ignore price as a factor then fine, but at that point there's barely a conversation to be had because when money is no object of course the PC is a better solution.

NYC_Gamer2370d ago

It's not too expensive some people are just misinformed

MisterNine2370d ago

Hardware lasts a lot longer than you think these days. I've had my PC for nearly 3 years now and it still blazes through anything I want to play at 1920x1080. The only thing I've had to upgrade is the video card. It gets more affordable every day.

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