Join The EA Gun Club And Unlock The Battlefield 3 M1911 Pistol

DICE rewards Battlefield Veterans and new members of The Gun Club with a Battlefield 3 M1911 Pistol

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Hazmat132521d ago

i wanna join a real gun club. im a gamer and i want ot see how guns shown in gaming to real life. ya know?

RaptorGTA2521d ago

Save some money and buy a gun then. Its fun to shoot a random gun but I find it much more enjoyable to buy a gun...get some attachments for it and fine tune it.

Just gotta balance the price of the gun with the price of ammo lol.

Swiggins2521d ago

If you're looking for a truly amazing gun, and you have some cash to spare. I recommend you buy Glock 22.

Fires cheap 9mm ammo, shoots like a dream and is amazingly customizable.

Hufandpuf2521d ago

I have gun club, but I have yet to receive ANY info about my MOH limited edition code, or Gun Club beta access.

SneeringImperialist2521d ago

I should get BF3 early seeing as im Max rank in both veteran and gun club lol