FortressCraft “Nothing Like Minecraft” Claims Developer

FortressCraft is one of the most successful XBLA titles, but still draws comparisons to Minecraft. See what Designer Adam Sawkins has to say about comparisons.

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Shackdaddy8362490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

How come it looks exactly the same and has the same objects in it.

Just look at the bookshelf. It looks like the guy just took the exact same texture from minecraft and copy/pasted...

It's a blatant ripoff. IDK why this guy is in denial - just admit it. We all know...

Corax2490d ago

Because Fortress Craft is for 360 and Minecraft is for...ok it's the same dam game. There nothing wrong with taking an idea. Picasso said "Good artists copy but great artists steal." or you can say I said that.

Christopher2490d ago

There's a lot wrong for taking an idea if it infringes in someone's IP. It's up to the courts to decide; but, as a community, shouldn't we be supporting those who create new concepts and games rather than those who just copy for a quick buck?

Surprisingly, there are three MineCraft clones on the 360, all top sellers under the Indie listing, but only FortressCraft seems to get all the news.

Tony P2490d ago

I think when people read that quote, they forget that "stealing" an idea doesn't excuse you from the hard work that comes with making it your own.

thrasherv32490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I wont go as far and say it's “Nothing Like Minecraft”
but they do play completely different and have different "objectives." Looks =/= same. They "look" the same because they both are the same type of game. What would you have him do, use triangles instead of rectangles? Would that please you?

It's most certainly not a "blatant ripoff." And if it is then what do you call a ripoff of a ripoff?

Tony P2490d ago

I can't feel much sympathy for an outfit that get's by riding another's coattails. And disparages them while doing it.


HK62489d ago

I agree with you completely. All the people that call it a blatant rip-off just look at it and see that it is the same genre as Minecraft and don't bother to play it to realize how different they are.

HK62489d ago

Gotta love journalists putting words in other people's mouths for hits. I am not sure how they got "Nothing Like Minecraft" as such a broad statement from him saying "but the actual gameplay is nothing like Minecraft" which is very specific. Don't believe me? Second paragraph below the picture that was taken a long time before the game even released.

JellyJelly2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

To clarify, it's not an XBLA title. It's an XBLIG title (indie game).

egidem2490d ago

Nothing like Minecraft??? Yeah...if he says so. /s

ProGrasTiNation2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Wanna build a minecraft clone with better graphics,look no further
& here is were notch got his inspiration http://thesiteformerlyknown...

butcherboytoma2489d ago

Yeah he got his insperation from, no one saying he ripped it off, wonder why?

humbleopinion2490d ago

Fortresscraft is XBLIG, not XBLA.
And the "stole the 'craft' from the Minecraft" sounds just silly. Warcraft was there before, wasn't it?