NVIDIA Talks PC Gaming Trends ; PC game sales are expected to surpass console game sales?

During an NVIDIA conference call, a couple of interesting tidbits were disclosed that adds some fuel to the 'PC vs. Console' fire - and for once, they work to the favor of PC gamers. Would you believe that by 2014, PC game sales are expected to surpass console game sales?

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fluffydelusions2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

"Would you believe that by 2014, PC game sales are expected to surpass console game sales?"

No, only certain PC games will surpass consoles ones and those are mostly indie games. Big games like COD and the like will continue to sell better on console. Even Deus Ex which used to be a huge PC title sold leaps and bounds more on console. Moreover, PC will never get console exclusives, like gears 3, halo 4, UC3, twisted metal, last guardian etc etc. The one thing I would like to add is that PC generally has a very good community when it comes to certain titles like Battlefield for instance:
It's usually PC who has the most players online but apparently it's PS3 at the time of this post.

Pandamobile2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

You fail to mention how insanely profitable online games are. Subscription, F2P, Digital sales, etc.

Units sold means absolutely nothing to devs and publishers when they're making money hand over fist through in-game item shops and monthly subscription.

That is what this forecast is showing. These business models that are just starting to emerge in 2011 will likely be the most popular a few years from now.

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just_looken2559d ago


Exactly that's one of my reason's i hate origin with ea putting all there pc games on that service they can do want they want with price/members/rules etc and sense everyone loves being controlled/paying for crap alot more publishers will copy ea.

Pandamobile2559d ago

Then don't buy from Origin?

Just because it's not on Steam doesn't mean that there's no other digital retailer that you can purchase from.

Autodidactdystopia2559d ago


Still doesnt change the fact that the sales will surpass.

The "its only indie games" excuse is kinda pointless seeing as how the hardest core of hardcore games exist only on the pc. whether its hardcore or indie games the most Renound all encompassing experience is available only on PC. The sales will reflect that as that fact is becoming more apparent with each passing day as the hardware ages.

Baka-akaB2559d ago

"the hardest core of hardcore games exist only on the pc."

Lol i give up , ok then keep telling yourself that .

Some folks here are beyond salvation and will always refuse to admit there is crap on both , and "hardcore" on both medium .

evrfighter2559d ago

Technically wow alone makes money then ps3 software combined does.

Substance1012559d ago


I dont see how you are in denial, Its true most of the hardcore games even today are PC exclusive:

MMORPG- are about as competitive and hardcore as any games can get, they offer such depth and to be competitive it just requires so much. Not much happening on the MMO scene on console.

FPS- There isnt an FPS on console that can be as realistic or hardcore as arma 2. If you are looking for a arcade experience then BF3 on PC this fall will be head and shoulders above anything on console.

Fligh simulators- check this out then let me know if consoles have anything like this

RTS- Not much happening at all on console on the RTS scene

The list can go on, I think PC hands down is the platform that is the most hardcore.

Triggs2559d ago


I can't see the youtube video at work (confession right there), but I hope you showed that current A-10 Flight Sim... If buying a $500 HOTAS flight Stick/throttle/Pedals for this game alone isn't considered as Hardcore, I don't know what else to call it.

Flight sims died in the late 90's, but it's making a comeback as more powerful hardware can model planes and terrain now like we have only wished for back then.

Letros2559d ago

Substance hit the head on the nail, there are no hardcore games on consoles in comparison to PC.

iRacing/rFactor can be added to the list as well, true racing Sims, not for the weak.

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kmanmx2559d ago

And consoles will never get some PC exclusives.

CSS is massive, and PC exclusive. ArmA2 is PC Exclusive. ArmA3 is PC Exclusive. WoW is PC Exclusive. Hard Reset is PC exclusive. Total War games are PC Exclusive. Red Orchestra 2 is PC Exclusive. And those are just off the top of my head.

Who knows how many more PC exclusives there are, especially in the Indy sector.

ATi_Elite2559d ago

Core games = MMO's of all genres, RTS, simulators, realistic FPS, Action RTS, Indie Games

Media Format = limited media because of Digital Distribution

Business format = Free 2 Play w/ Micro transactions or subscription base fees

Support = lots of free DLC and of course those wonderful MODS!!

Many PC Games make a ton of money especially when you factor in that they rarely advertise and have virtually no media to make and ship plus no M$/Sony licensing fees.

World of Warcraft Starcraft2 and Call of Duty generate close to a billion dollars each yearly.

Wow = Monthly Subscription Fees
SC2 = S. Koreans pay by the hour to play (cause the game was free) + Sponsors of Pro gaming Leagues.
COD = sales of game

There are more ways to make money than just by selling a game disc and that's were the PC is totally different from the console business model.

electricshadow2559d ago

One can only hope. I'm really tired of seeing console ports in PC games with no graphical customization.

Autodidactdystopia2559d ago

The cycle repeats itself.
at the end of every console cycle focus shifts to the pc as they are on average an order of magnitude more powerful. then new consoles are released Millions of a new generation of fanboys listen to the BULL spouted by either console company about toystory like graphics or supercomputer power and how its only possible on consoles, then comes the inevitable 5-7 year period that it takes for them to come to their senses and realize that they were lied to and maybe they never had the SUPERGIGAPOWERZ they thought they had.

Then All of that pride they had shifts to denial and backwards rationalization, because of which they spend the last few years of their chosen consoles generation saying that they are content and that they dont need the most powerful gaming system ever devised, in a sorry attempt to justify their misinformed purchase that never delivered on the promises that were advertised.

1080P? toystory graphics? SuperComputer?

Load After Load Of Bull S%^T

cyborg69712559d ago

Wtf are you rambling on about? The fact of the matter is that soon in two more gens everything will be digital. So there will be no console just a contoller a receiver.

If your trying to hack on sony you should realize that they are in the best position to rack in the cash. With all of the devs they own they could dump all if the money from r and d into making games for all platforms, whatever they turn out to be.

Autodidactdystopia2559d ago

I Disagree there are many people like me who dont want to give up Actually owning our games so I dont see that happening

and so you know, everything already is digital has been for a good 15 years now

If it was still analog we would be in real trouble

they arent racking in the cash for anyone but themselves so what should you or I care?

zero_gamer2559d ago

"Wtf are you rambling on about? The fact of the matter is that soon in two more gens everything will be digital. So there will be no console just a contoller a receiver."

I wouldn't bet my money on cloud gaming as the future of gaming. Cloud gaming will have a future, but at best it'll be the Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube of gaming. Netflix streaming didn't replace DVDs, Blu Ray is doing that, and Netflix won't be able to kill BD. Rather, Netflix replaced the B&M rental industry. This is what Netflix is, rental, not buying. There is a difference. All you can do with cloud gaming is to rent games, whether for a limited period or some lengthy period. You don't buy games on streaming services.

I hope success for OnLive because it would be a great service for what it is, but having it killing console and PC platforms in the process is absurd in the foreseeable future.

DaTruth2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

More like: My console is starting to look shitty, better upgrade my PC so I can at least play some really great looking 3rd party games!

2 years later: Look new consoles are out, now I can play 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games that look great and in three or four years, I can just upgrade my PC again!

People who game on PC and console and also have the ability and knowledge to upgrade a PC aren't idiots that know nothing about PC gaming, console gaming and console life cycles.

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Bleach2559d ago

Nope, console sales will always be bigger. PC gaming is a margin.

RagTagBnd4452559d ago

Did you read the article? Nope, you did'nt.

zero_gamer2559d ago

PC gaming is seeing a reminiscence. This is some material we PC fans can use to wave in the face of idiots that say "PC gaming is dying" but then again that would be like attempting logical dialogue with internet trolls.

In other words, it wouldn't work.

Triggs2559d ago

I think you meant "Rennaisance".

I don't know why some want the PC Gaming industy to fail - it means people losing jobs. Let's just be happy that the gaming industry as a whole is healthy and popular.

zero_gamer2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Oh, my bad I typed the wrong word. Yes I mean renaissance. Dunno why I typed something else. Thanks for pointing it out and bubbles+ for it.

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