Several In-Game Videos From Mass Effect (no spoilers)

Ok here is one of many videos that is posting tonight of Mass Effect. This one is just a video of getting onto your ship, the Normandy, for Mass Effect.

BTW the controls are not a bad as they look, my video card lags so it was a little awkward for me to move around.

If you follow the link it has several other videos.

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Myth4043d ago

It looks like a mix between an rpg and a shooter (Gears of War). But here's the thing if the shooter side is mediocre and the rpg side doesn't compare to the best rpg's out there, then this game might suck. Just because your putting two different genres’ together doesn't mean it's going to be great. Both the rpg side and shooter side need to excel.

turbogeek4043d ago

mass effect looks like garbage. a slower RPG version of Gears with sci-fi channel voice acting and repetitive gameplay