What Nintendo Can Learn from Catherine

Catherine's puzzling yet sexy trip through the male subconscious is in many ways the furthest thing from a Nintendo game possible. Heavy on plot and stacked with modern gaming sensibilities, it could easily be seen as the very antithesis to the Big N's 2010 retro throwback New Super Mario Bros Wii. But is it really all that different? Or is there a correlation between the old-school, D-pad-centric gameplay of both that's worth investigating?

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Inception2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

lol at that pict xD
mario is a playa huh?

rfowler302492d ago

lol that picture is something else.

2EHO2492d ago

About time mario get some. We all know peach has been holding out since the 80's.

eagle212492d ago

Mario hit Peach a long time ago. "Baking and eating delicious cake". That is what he has been doing to peach, it's Nintendo's way of being family

mamotte2492d ago

Put sex in a Mario game! It'll change the world.

Come on, Mario always has the best level design. Always has the difficult level so anyone can complete a game (Catherine it's not the best example for "good" difficult, if you ask me), and good challenges to complete the games at 100%. Mario galaxy 2 is a blast, even without a story at all.

I dont get why "hardcores gamers" want all their games with M ratings. Cant kids and parents play, too?

Knushwood Butt2492d ago

How to make an original game?