Match of the Year: FIFA 12 vs. PES 2012 (2nd Leg)

Match of the Year: FIFA 12 vs. PES 2012 (2nd Leg)

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Iroquois_Pliskin2373d ago

FIFA 12 needs to have the scouting mode back

AKA2373d ago

oh is very clear that PES12 this time is far superior in gameplay, graphics, animations, flow of the game, physics, fun factor, addictive factor.
online we will have to wait and see and pes12 also got new game modes like owners mode and manager modes that look good to kill time.

sublIME2s2373d ago

You are clearly joking yourself if you think PES 12 is far superior in terms of graphics, gameplay, flow of the game, and physics. But... everyone has their opinions.

anticooper2373d ago

I really think the new pes demo is great,but fifa12 is still better in my opinion.Its good too see pes back in the game:-) but this year its going to be fifa12.Getting pes12 later when its cheap.Peace:-)

AKA2372d ago

fair enough i was still getting PES 8,9,10 when even i knew they were crap but i'm a fan of it and pes11 was okay w/e but PES12 is amazing!! and im going to have fun like never in a soccer game!

DiLeCtioN2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

i actually think PES this year is good, especially the 2nd demo.

It feels smooth in gameplay, as for fifa i think it's also great but they are adding too much in to it