Japan Likes Gears of War Just Fine, Thank You

Brian Ashcraft writes:Back when the first Gears of War was launched in 2006, so many Japanese gamers used to turn their noses up at Western games. Slowly, but surely, that's beginning to change.

While at this year's Tokyo Game Show, many members of the Japanese press I talked with expressed interest and excitement about Gears of War 3.

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plmkoh2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I'm not going to bother clicking on the link because it's Kotaku.

But on the topic, I don't think the Japanese avoid western games, it just so happens that many western games are FPS and by extension involve deathmatch or TDM style gameplay, which the Japanese do not like. If you look at what is popular in Japan right now, you will see that they are coop games with objectives, such as Monster Hunter.

L4D received some reasonable sales in Japan and even something obscure such as Killing Floor has an unavoidable Japanese presence, both FPS and both coop games. Thinking back to the day I could have sworn that Battlefield 1942 was very popular in Japan (hitting the top 10 PC sales in for years).

And as such Famitsu just game Gears3 a 40/40, most likely for the extensive 4 player coop options such as Horde mode.

Jappy-k72494d ago

i feel sorry for you, your English SUCKS! just like me :(

Reibooi2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Here is the thing. People who are in Japan and in the gaming industry will like Gears as they have no bias(or at least shouldn't).

But here is a big spoiler here. It won't sell. Sure it's gonna sell some but it's not gonna be a run away success. Kinda hard to be when so few Japanese gamers even own a 360. Writing an article that says hey the press in this country likes this game so obviously every single person in said country loves it. That isn't how it works.

Look on the flip side. Okami in the US was a incredible game and got NOTHING but praise but it didn't sell very well. Why? Tons of reasons but the biggest one could very well be it's a very Japanese game. Gears is a very US game. It was not designed with a global market in mind despite being marketed or pushed as such. So Yeah press may like the game in Japan but it's still not gonna sell or mean a damn thing.

cstyle2494d ago

Gears doesn't need Japan. From the looks of it, Japan's gaming industry is in a steady decline.

Captain Qwark 92494d ago

there console industry is, and from the looks of it while they would certainly add to profits, they are more or less irrelevant, the xbox brand has cleary proven that to be true as they do just fine without them

Optical_Matrix2493d ago

Because Sony and Nintendo don't come from Japan, amirite?

GoldenPheasant2494d ago

*wipes the smudge off Kotaku's face and pats in on the bum* go on now, back to the school yard.

lumley6662494d ago

im sorry but wtf? as if japan have any interest in gears of brown lol