Adobe’s Latest Version Of Flash and Air Will Deliver Console Quality Gaming

Adobe is working on new versions of Flash Player and Air that could bring some compelling gaming and video features to the table. So compelling, you may even be tempted to install the oft-bloated apps on your computer.

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gogospeedracer2496d ago

No, No it won't! No offense everyone but Flash sucks!

just_looken2496d ago

Yes but you forget adobe is the ms when it comes to flash there products are buggy/have lots of security issues and this version has lots of lag/issues but lots of webpages use flash as a default application hell look at fn youtube. Flash sucks but you got to live with it.

gogospeedracer2496d ago

With the push of HTML5, hopefully we can get away from Flash. Also, thanks to IOS that is definitely helping!

Let's kill Flash!

Letros2496d ago

IE9 has full support on WP7 for HTML5 as well.

golsilva2496d ago

So which is one is better html5 or flash?

mastershredder2496d ago

Html 5 and Flash are two different things. Most people are comming off from the Flash as a media pluggin/player standpoint. In a great many ways HTML 5 has the advantage there, but Flash (Flash professional) also has a robust toolset and actionscript for programing games, animations, etc. Not to mention that Flash is relied upon heavily by many studios for 2D animation. I don't use Flash for games (that was a long time ago), but I do still use it for creating visual animations in conjunction with my other tools before importing to Xcode and Torque projects.

To all these Flash gaming nay sayers, you ought to consider that even though it will NOT be as robust as game console SDKs and apps it will be a great entry level package for those entering the game development realm. I for one am all for that.
It is a damn good step in the right direction now that Adobe has folded on this Flash support BS.

susanto12282496d ago

NO it Will not...STOP giving people false hope.....

I have heard it many times from my friends..
Why won't my laptop play this game?
Why won't my desktop play this game?

Simple you have an imbedded graphics card which
is crap or your Video Card is crap....

Adobe Flash can upgrade video quality but not near
a top Laptop gaming machine or desktop people will
soon realize this.....what a misleading article.