Rockstar brings exclusive Max Payne 3 exposition to Firstlook 2011

TechNoid writes: "Firstlook, the only European event Rockstar attends, can count Max Payne 3 to their line-up."

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user8586212562d ago

Maybe a GTA 5 announcement??

b163o12561d ago

I'd rather see Agent....

just_looken2561d ago

id rather see someone punch them and wake them up first they remaster gta3/vc/sa for mac no 360/ps3 WTf then last week they say max payne 1/2 remastered for ios like Wtf rstar wakey wakey max payne 3 is coming out dont you think you should do hd remakes of #1/2 first? for ps3/360. Heck remaster gtasa and take sr3's crown.

shreya2561d ago

i think max payne 3 can sell at least 6 million on consoles alone many of my friends in india are quite pumped for this game and not to mention its a rockstar game

kratos1232561d ago

OMG maybr ill attend after this news what to Do now