Are There Not Enough PlayStation Vitas to go Around?

The signs were there for Sony. This year's Tokyo Game Show was shaping up as the biggest ever, and its new Vita handheld would be many people's main attraction.

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MasterCornholio2495d ago

Nope at launch many people will be left without one due to high demand.

TekoIie2495d ago

I have mixed feelings on the PS Vita, while i think this is going to shape up to perhaps be the greatest handheld period im still considering having to buy all my games of the PS Store.

I dont mind having to do so since i have a game for life but its another device to buy games for which with all the great games coming out already my pockets are gonna be empty :S

Misterhbk2495d ago

you dont have t buy all your games from psn. there will be retail versions as well...