6.0 reviews Assassin's Creed

Hard-to-please UK games website has reviewed Assassin's Creed and has given it a mere 6/10.

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pandabear4022d ago

Could have mentioned that the review was a SPOILER - just read it and guess what it just blurts out the spoiler twist.

PirateThom4022d ago

The game reveals that in the first few minutes and it's in the manual as well, it's not really a spoiler.

Relcom4022d ago

I have played it and i though it was no less than a 7. 8 at best for me anyways.

solar4022d ago

im having one hell of a good time with the game and im 8 hours in with only 1 outta 9 main objectives done. i believe reviewers are giving the game way to hard of a score because they have to rush through it instead of pace themselves and take the game in for what its worth. (i def agree with that one doods blog :D ) rent it for yourself if you dont wanna buy off the bat...imo its definitely worth it...and im sure ill put over 50 hours into the game getting all the flags, templar kills, and other little side missions completed.

BLACKJACK VII4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

I'm glad I got it. It has some very innovative ideas & some really nice graphics (from certain vantage points) & some slick climbing & countering animations, but the heart of story is pretty damn weak, really. I give it a 7.5 overall taking several issues this game clearly has into consideration with both gameplay & story. I would suggest renting if you are unsure about it in the least.

To solar, I guess you can walk around for 50 hours, but it's already been stated it's an "average" of 20 hours if you do most of the game. I'd say 25-30 max with alot of screwing around.... I've collectively put in almost 7 hours, grabbin flags, high points, saving citizens, mercin' achievements, really taking my time, & I'm on my third objective.

picker3324021d ago

Isn't it any cutscenes in this game?!?
Ps:I can't play this game becouse it's freezes all the time.