Next-gen graphics already possible on OnLive, 'new standard' promised - Video

CEO looking to "blur the boundaries between cinema and video games"

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Wizziokid2492d ago

this would be awesome for people who want the PC battlefield 3 to run on highest settings who can't afford the top end PC to run it

gogospeedracer2492d ago

No, not Next Gen Graphics! That is completely incorrect. PC tech isn't next gen yet. It is better than consoles but not a large step above. Onlive isn't that impressive yet!

Ron_Danger2492d ago

4-5 generations above?! Really?! Did you seriously just type that?! We all get it that the pc is much much more powerful than consoles, but 4-5 generations?!

PC shouldn't even be catagorized by generation since you can pretty much upgrade it every 6 months. Consoles' graphics and overall power can be based on generation cause a new group comes out every 9-10 years

Thecraft19892492d ago


Of cause it can be measured. Processor tech has gone through 4 generation of cycles since the ps3/360 release gpu tech has gone through 5 generations. So yes PC is 4-5 generations higher than that of your beloved consoles.

Now to final statement upgrading every six month. You tell that to gamers with 3+year rigs running games at 1080p 60fps max settings.

Autodidactdystopia2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Craft is right literally 5 generations of Gpu have come out since then all of which bringing an exceptional leap in perfromance over the previous.

When the 360 came out i was rocking a 3.4GHz P4 Prescott

Now I am rocking a Quad Core ~3.3GHZ Core I5 2nd Generation The word Generation Is literally in its Name.

2nd gen i52500k


Pentium d
Core 2
I3,5,7 1st gen
I5/7 2nd gen (comes with a built in gpu)

not to even mention AMD

Ron_Danger2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Guys... I understand that pc's are more powerful, but reread my comment instead of just seeing what you want to see. I'll explain it better since reading between the lines is way past you...

You can't put the pc generations in the same argument with console generations cause we can't upgrade our consoles in the same way that you can upgrade your pc. And I have a pc that I can play crysis on but I still choose to play mainly on my ps3.

Autodidactdystopia2492d ago

"You can't put the pc generations in the same argument with console generations cause we can't upgrade our consoles in the same way that you can upgrade your pc"

In other words even though you have just demonstrated the 5 generations of performance gain We cant compare them because it doesnt fit my argument

reread my comment I said five gens have passed And ....OH look five gens have passed. Unless you can somehow convince us that that didnt happen your argument is just ad hominem.

Army_of_Darkness2492d ago

"PC tech is 4-5 generations above that of hardware in the 360/PS3."

Should I be disappointed in the PC then??
because I don't see much games on it out preforming uncharted 2, killzone 3, god of war 3 or even Gears 3?! you know, for being "4-5" generations ahead and all;)

Autodidactdystopia2492d ago

@ Army

Thats what you get when you dont have people to take advantage of the hardware, the reason you dont see games Obliterating what we have already seen is because all of the developers have been spending or dare i say wasting their time on consoles.

Trust me the power is there, just needs tapping.

ProjectVulcan2492d ago

The most powerful PC hardware is now 10 times faster than console. If you can't believe it then go look at some 1080p BF3 shots and imagine that 30 frames 720p Gears 3 is close to it....

I think that Onlive is mostly dreaming that they can deliver the quality needed, they still don't have the bitrates and video encoding needed to make games come across nicely in 1080p. Too much compression.

The quality in 720p is still below that of a PC rendering it on a desktop, so the distance to 1080p is yet to be bridged and that will take some time.

Ron_Danger2492d ago

My final thought since you guys still don't get it...

We (console gamers) don't care about pc games and graphics as much as you think we should. If we did than the Wii wouldn't be the top selling console this generation. The more you throw numbers around the less we care. Go back to drinking your Mountain Dew Code Red with your pinky fingers up since you have such high views of yourselves.

inveni02492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I've tried OnLive, and the image quality is pretty bad. On my little, 22" monitor, the 720p compression doesn't compete with even the likes of Uncharted or God of War. When OnLive can serve images a little crisper, they'll have something gold.

Oh, and I'm at 13Mb/sec...

jaih272492d ago

@ army of darkness

Your an idiot, the only reason your not playing games better then killzone is because P.C. gaming has become porting of console games.... Just look at the mods for GTA4 and tell me what's what, when they aren't even profesional grade..... It's all good thos cause P.C. Gaming is going to re-topple consoles by 2015 again. Then you'll be playing the half ass-ed ports, of a dumb'd done game.

HappyGaming2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

:/ 4-5 generations? Are you guys serious?

So you are trying to say that while consoles since 1972 have moved up 7 generations PCs must have gone up by about 40? So you are saying that the 7th generation of CPUs and GPUs dozens of years ago was on the same level as the 7th generation of consoles?

Clearly you are thinking on a 'different scale'...
Its like you are comparing feet to meters
Sure 4-5 feet are more than 1 meter but 2 meters are much greater than 4-5 feet...

The 8th generation of consoles will skip a lot of those 4-5 "CPU and GPU technological generations"

'PC gaming' generations could be counted with decimals... 7,7.2,7.4,7.6,7.8,8 and 'console gaming' generations are just counted as real numbers.

We are talking about gaming generations... So most if not all 4 of your CPU generations would fall between the 7th and 8th gaming generation of consoles...

SkylineR2492d ago

That video OnLive showed was hardly blurring anything in regards to games and movies. Watch this video for life-like rendering.
OnLive, come back to us when you reach that quality. BF3 looks better than that face.

HappyGaming2492d ago

@SkylineR and how man hours did that clip take to render?? We are talking about real time graphics...

Hicken2491d ago

The point you're missing:

Some parts of your PC have gone through 4-5 generations. Some have gone through more. Some have gone through less.

Your PC isn't 4-5 generations ahead. The GPU is. Is your graphics card 4-5 generations ahead of where it was when the PS3/360 came out? How about the motherboard?

All this stuff is changeable whenever, and can be configured to work with whatever. Your 3rd generation Camaro isn't a 4th generation Camaro because you put a 4th-gen's engine in it.

humbleopinion2491d ago

People here don't understand the meaning of a console generation, and mix it up with graphic cards and processor generation.

The Xbox 360 for example has a 3X3.2Ghz PowerPC based CPU, while the original Xbox had something equivalent to a 733Mhz Celeron. Yet, the Xbox 360 is only one generation ahead of the original Xbox.

Each console generation we see the power multiply by about a tenfold (it varies from one generation to another). Current top of the line PCs are about there in some areas, but it would be stupid to claim that they're 4-5 generations ahead. To be 4 generations ahead they will need to be about 1000 times (10^4) more powerful.

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iamnsuperman2492d ago

Not really. The quality of the video is dependent on the speed of the internet. Also every internet provider (well here in the UK) has a cap. Its unlimited but this varies in the terms and conditions. So end up paying much more. The onlive guy is trying to sell his product which hasn't been doing so great. Streaming is coming but the infrastructure isn't there yet. At peak times my internet goes from its ,supposedly, 50mb to 3 or 4.

Fishy Fingers2492d ago

50 down to 3/4?? That means your either exaggerating or too lazy to call your ISP.

Pandamobile2492d ago

He's probably confused about MB vs Mb.

If you're getting 50 Mbps from your ISP, that translates into a maximum of around 6 MB/s.

iamnsuperman2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Not lazy. Its virgin media for you. The thing is they do student deals. As a student living in a a studentey area a lot use it. It is done by cable so the the speed drops dramatically. Calling is anti productive because they off the lower the tariff but then we do not get more than 20mb not matter what. Virgin says they can do up to 50mb so anything below counts (usually get around 25-30mb)Its a problem in the UK where they can say up to x amount where the speeds are realistically never going to reach this speed. My house mate had Virign at home and was paying for 50mb which never went over 10mb so they called and were dropped to the lower tariff but for me this can't work because I can get over 20 and lowering it would mean I am always capped at 10. Its not a constant service

bumnut2492d ago

Panda is right, I have a 50 Mbps Virgin Media connection and get 6 MB.

Its amazing, I can download an 8 GB bluray rip in 20 mins.

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JsonHenry2492d ago

Yes, 4-5 generations above. Depending on whether or not you consider the 360 graphics chip to have been current with other AMD/ATi video cards at the time. It has been a long time since the X1800 and 7600GT days..

And Onlive may have the rendering power to do it but the video you get is so compressed everything looks washed out when you play it.

gogospeedracer2492d ago

Console gamers do care about graphics, I certainly do! But there is a limit. I enjoy the ease of use the console provides. I have top of the line computer systems here and I simply do not game on them.

Unless it is Diablo 3 I'm not overly interested in installing games on them. I much rather have a slight step down in graphics and have a more convenient way to game.

That is just me!

jaih272492d ago

Not really, onlive isn't capable of this, as there are no games like this, and onlive will not be able to run anything, a p.c. can't because.... it'll be streaming p.c. games... amazing! so bottom line is P.C. gaming for the win again. This will be the only way console players will be able to play anything quality, until next gen consoles come out, but by then, it won't matter P.C. gaming and sales are predicted to topple all other forms of media, by 2015..... enjoy fanboi : side note I own both consoles, one is for streaming video in my living room and the other for the bedroom.

milohighclub2491d ago

Shame the res isn't very high, my mac has a res of 1440p and a 27" screen so playing 720 game sat so close looks terrible!

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Stealth2k2492d ago ShowReplies(1)
RyuCloudStrife2492d ago

OMG Graphiczzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

Hozi2492d ago

I wanna be your friend....and go for a ride on you bike.

GoldenPheasant2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

is onlive going to pay for my bandwidth too? no? bye.

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