OXM UK: Five things we want from the Mass Effect movie

OXM UK: "Legendary Pictures has dribbled out a little more detail on the Mass Effect movie. It's a "completely new story" starring a male Commander Shepard, not necessarily featuring the music of Daft Punk, and not necessarily the basis for a new trilogy. Thanks for the "info dump", chaps. Still, you've at least given us an excuse for a quick and dirty list feature."

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TenSteps2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

5 things I want...

5. Do not cast Shepard- The appeal of RPG's that have choice as a heavy influence is that you're imparting your choice. You make someone play Shepard and he's going to play differently to most and people might find that off especially if the actor doesn't get the voice right. I know it says it focus' on Shepard but surely it's possible it focus' on the actions of Shepard right?

4. Vigil soundtrack popping out somewhere - This track ( ) for me felt like a theme song for space set science fiction in general and was one of the few tracks in videogames that I really notice right away.

3. Less Tali more Wrex - I don't hate Tali but I always preferred the Krogan plight as opposed to the Quarians. And I want to see Talimancers rage about lack of screentime for Tali.

2. Wait this is a movie based on a videogame - Screw point three I want more Tali, if the movie fails and Tali is there a lot I can piss off Talimancers and say how she ruined the film... but if the movie is good then... I don't want to think about it.

1. The Priiiize - I don't know what it is but I want it.

dirigiblebill2522d ago

LOL. Good list.

6. Claudia Black to play Miranda

Quagmire2521d ago

Are you high boy? Get Yvonne and die her hair black...BAM! You got the perfect Miranda.

Why would you think otherwise?

Also Seth Green as Joker (obviously), and Mathew Fox as ComShep

TopDudeMan2521d ago

Just don't do what most video game movies do and stray too far from the game.

Bonerboy2521d ago

Hollywood will make it suck without a doubt.

1. Start with a bunch of mindless dialogue and weak story line that the slim witted masses can just barely grasp.
2. Throw in a bunch of fancy explosions and over the top cgi to dazzle and to take care of plot holes and shitty dialogue for said slim wits.
3. Chuck in some tension filled sexual innuendos that culminate in some shitty sex filler scene that appeal to the college douches.
4. A host of annoying big name hollywood losers to fill out the casting call.
5. Shepard is actually homosexual. (revealed at the end of film)

tickticktick2521d ago

With the history of crappy video game movies I just want to see one good movie.

Combo2521d ago

Lots of lesbian sex scenes.