Remember When: The Entire Storyline was in the Game Manual

Story lines in games have come a long way. We all remember classic games like Asteroids, Galaxian, and Pitfall as classics in gaming without giving a thought to the stories behind these games. Lets take a moment to breathe in the nostalgia and discover the story lines behind the games of our childhood. Remember when the storyline was in the manual?

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SuicidalTendencies4044d ago

I remember that. lol Good times. Back then it was more about the gameplay then the story.

Leord4043d ago

Even Warcraft, with its super-fat lore book as it is now started out with a mere 8 pages of text in a small game manual... Oh, those were the times...

Covenant4043d ago

Loved Pitfall...and when I played it as a mini-game in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, my son thought it was hilarious to jump on crocodile heads or be eaten.

Ah, nostalgia. Back when the games were more about fun and less about graphics and marketing and fanboys.

Skerj4043d ago

Yeah the biggest fanboy/marketing statement back then was "Sega does what Nintendon't" and well you'd look like a dumbass shouting that outside no matter how old you were so we just didn't. Besides pretty much everyone I knew had multiple systems so we didn't care anyway. But since we all grew up we started craving more immersive games so naturally story progression plays a role in that.

I know I'm a storywhore, if I'm not reading a book I at least want the game to be interesting storywise. Unless it just has wickedly fun gameplay that doesn't need one like Lumines, Rez, Everyday Shooter, Silent Bomber, 1942, or something. Now I want to play River City Ransom and Double Dragon 3 for some reason. ..

Oh yeah The Red Star is the man.

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