GameShark: Gears of War 3 Review

GameShark writes "No one will be seated during the thrilling final levels of Gears of War, when our neckless heroes have to run down box-filled corridors to flip three switches, then turn five valves, then destroy three anti-air emplacements, then flip two more switches, then shoot the weak glowing spot on the final boss. I hope none of those was a spoiler. For all you know, I could have been talking about any of the previous games."

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Chuk52522d ago

I actually dislike most of this sites reviews. Very polarizing. I'm sorry but there is no way objectively that this game is a b- ( I have it).

Unaffected2522d ago

giving high profile game a low score is great way to score hits

DelusionalMsBot2522d ago

the score has been changed to a C+, which is the same as their Bodycount score

Donnywho2521d ago

I don't have a mad reaction to this, It's a shame. Take or leave gears3 but this game is solid.