PlayStation Move Horror Title Still In Development?

PushSquare: "Ever since the PlayStation Move's announcement we've talked up the appearance of a horror title in the peripheral's original show-reel. Believed to be named Until Dawn, the game's been in hiding ever since its original appearance."

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Wizziokid2490d ago

i hope so, it would be pretty awesome

THC CELL2490d ago

It is still in development.

t0mmyb0y2490d ago

Looking forward to this and Sorcery.

plmkoh2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I'm not so much excited about this being a Move game but rather that it is a Sony funded game. Sony have made quite a few excellent horror titles such as the Siren series or Rule of Rose, the pedigree is there.

Darth Gamer2490d ago

I don't understand why there are not more titles like this out already for the move. I have both the kinect and the move and although I enjoy the kinect, the move is just so much more responsive and a first person horror game would work incredibly well with the moves tech. I really am surprised that there is not a dozen titles like this already for it. Think tumble and resident evil or condemned combined and you will see the kind of title i'm dreaming of.

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