Bowling: "Definitely the majority" migrate to new Call of Dutys

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling says the studio's biggest competition is "always with ourselves," as there are "still millions" playing past instalments.

Fans are "very much lined up" for the next major Call of Duty, which is thanks to Infinity being "extremely accessible" and a 'genuine' relationship with the community.

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zeal0us2521d ago

Mainly b/c the support for the past cod games get pull.
No new updates&maps. So what do you expect is/was going to happen? You guys(Activision) do it intentionally to get more sells.

NuclearDuke2521d ago

Why would you support games that are no longer developed?

It would be stupid as hell to continously support MW2 & Black Ops when MW3 comes out.

MW2 did need way more support, but it seems the IW-scandal kinda blew that out of the way.

bumnut2521d ago

To reward loyal customers who purchase your games perhaps?

StanLatMarveldotCom2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I still play COD4 on the XBox 360. The community is still pretty large, about 10K online at peak. The community continues to support the older titles so why not have a small team that continues to serve the community? Each COD multiplayer offers something very different. I like the run and gun freedom of COD4, the War game mode from World at War, the overwhelming killstreaks in MW2 and the balance of Black Ops so I continue to play them all. Hopefully MW3 gets all these things right in 1 game.

EVILDEAD3602521d ago

Lmao @ the silly hate this game gets that people will say anything. Theyve supported the heck out of Black Opswith new content and your pretending that infinity ward should care about Treyarchs' Black Ops when MW3 is released a year later?
I salute Bowling and the team for work hard for their fans for 2 years to keep pushing the franchise as far as it can go. Especially after what they went though a couple of years ago.

Can't wait to play the final product...

Darkfocus2521d ago

hell half life 1 still gets updates occasionally and they release free DLC for tons of their games, like L4D kept getting free content even after 2 came out.

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LOGICWINS2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

"So what do you expect is/was going to happen? You guys(Activision) do it intentionally to get more sells."

But don't those gamers have the freedom to migrate towards another FPS? The fact that they keep coming back to COD is their OWN choice. They don't HAVE to buy COD if they don't want to. You make it seem like Activision puts a gun to the head of the majority of PS3/360 gamers.

If a COD gamer says "Man, this is getting stale, can't wait to get the next COD."

instead of

"Man, COD is getting boring, I'm gunna try out Battlefield 3 instead" exactly is that Activision's fault?

Cpt_kitten2521d ago

maybe update your game and people will take your game seriously instead of a 12 year old babysitting game cause thats about all its worth

LOGICWINS2521d ago

COD is the best selling PS3/360 franchise this generation. It seems more than enough people take it seriously.

Cpt_kitten2521d ago

yeah parents who want there savage kids to shut up and drug addicts who don't speak proper English and wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a good game and a piece of crap that's been recycled for the past 4 years

sorry but i take quality over piece of recycled crap with bland game play and a campaign that says it okay to massively shoot innocent people......idiot

Cosmit2520d ago way Cpt_kitten! :o

You mean to tell me that all 20+ million people who buy/play CoD are exactly as you described them?

It seems that YOUR the "Idiot"

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synchroscheme2521d ago

It's because everyone knows to expect a CoD every year that people don't get too set on any particular CoD game. Look at a game like Team Fortress 2. It's been out for years and instead of saving up a bunch of updates and releasing them with a new copy of the game the following year, they release them to be incorporated with the current version of the game.

MW3 has very little different with MW2, it's laughable. I don't see how recoil changes, new weapons and new maps warrant a $60 game.

Cosmit2520d ago

I understand what you mean, but maybe Team Fortress isn't as popular and it won't succeed by releasing a new game every year like CoD does.