ArtGuitar and Peavey Make "Real" Guitar Hero Controllers

Guitar Hero may be a great game, but it doesn't help the ego if you are thrashing with a little plastic toy in your hands. For the music loving gamers who love their guitars, ArtGuitar and Peavey are making 17 limited edition PS2 Guitar Hero controllers - with fantastic artwork and housed in a real high-quality Peavey guitar.

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Ignorant Fanboy4021d ago

I have a few old electrics I dont use anymore.

A router and a jig saw is all you need.

I was gonna put the buttons in the individual frets, with the router, but they seemed to have put a piece of wood down the back, they could have done a little better with a little craftmanship.

ReBurn4020d ago

Don't they have any that don't have band names all over them?