DICE: Battlefield 3 Beta Graphics Not Equal To Final Version

DICE' Rendering Architect Johan Andersson confirmed that Battlefield 3 beta client won't have all features "from a graphical point of view". The system specs tho are final. So you don't have to buy new hardware just yet.

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Wizziokid2372d ago

that's fine as long as the gameplay is tight :)

Dart892372d ago

Yea right now i just wanna get my hands on the beta my trigger happy finger is ready :D.

bacano2372d ago

Don't worry, most likely there won't be a noticeable change at all. Devs always say that sh**t about the graphics. I think they have to, in order to keep the "surprise" effect.

Betas only are a useful test of an almost finished product.

KonGreat2372d ago

That's weird, I would expect them to actually show off their graphics and flex their muscles a lil

ddurand12372d ago

That isn't what betas are about

KonGreat2372d ago

Yeah i know but considering it's so close to the release date they should have 90% of the graphics done by now. And it is a great way of showing what the game is capable of (in comparison to mw3)

ddurand12372d ago

They probably are 75-90% . But hopefully the gameplay and mechanics and everything else is 100%.

I just want it to work great out of the box. Hopefully this beta helps.

ZeroX98762366d ago

most of the times the beta built can be very old and does not reflect the final product.

latinalover2372d ago

Gameplay is more important

HK62372d ago

This is common knowledge. The game is still in development and is incomplete.

Si-Fly2372d ago

I don't that's what it means. We're more than likely getting a build from a few months ago for the beta, they won't be coding graphics with 1 month to go!

Marcuskac2372d ago

Can somebody tell my are the recomended system req. for high,medium or ultra?

ninjahunter2371d ago

the recomended was like an i7 with an ATi 6950 to max it though they said youl probably need duel 580's but really their working with razer to make it work great on that laptop which is gonna be around a 460gtx (i rounded up to be safe).

But you will pretty much be able to play this on any graphics card that costs over $75.

Bladesfist2371d ago

No they said on twitter recommended is equal to medium.!/zh1nt... Someone then said would 1 580 max it and he says 2.

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