TVG reviews Super Mario Galaxy

A year after Wii launched, the studio's output, Super Mario Galaxy, has always promised to deliver on fan expectations and innovations since it was first unveiled at E3 2006 - and it doesn't take much time to realize that they've done that on both fronts.

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Maestro4020d ago

GOTY = Super Mario Galaxy

HarryEtTubMan4020d ago

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Rooftrellen4020d ago

I would say you're losing your bubbles, but it seems you already lost all but one. Oops.

Anyway, I wonder why you say he's trolling when you come to something exclusive to the Wii section to insult those who play the Wii.

Oh no, save me, he's trolling and posting good things about the Wii on the Wii section! Whatever shall we do?

Yes, we need more non-trolls like you, Harry. Comming to the Wii section and calling people trolls when they talk good about the Wii, and trying to tell yourself SMG sucks, that's the way to be!

kalistyles4020d ago

Rooftrellen. Being that Harry has one bubble and constantly throws out ridiculous opinions especially when it comes to PS3 games. Get a clue Harry.