Tactics for the Battlefield

Battlefield 3 Beta is soon to be here...

Time to prepare!

I read this article after playing the Alpha and thought,
this is a must read for every serious player.
And I believe most of the tips will work in game!

Covering Fire, Fire Fight Dynamics, Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns, ...

When playing as an Attacker "Not Getting Hit" is a good recommendation.
One player alone might loose a big percentage of the teams respawns.

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Hufandpuf2561d ago

In classic Conquest, The squad Leader is not a part of the fight. His role is to get close to the enemy position, direct the attack and let his squad mates spawn on him to assault the enemy. It's always best to be in a support role as SL and have a medic handy in case you go down.

RegorL2560d ago

"Squad leader are always moving around, directing fireteam leaders, machine gunners, or, occasionally, firing at the enemy."

But a chapter on how to best Respawn is severly lacking :-)